Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Look Who's Coming to Town...

Today was a pretty fun day with little Hilary.  My friend and I had planned to go to the mall because we had some coupons to use.  We found some good deals, always a plus.  As we were looking in one of the kids stores for clothes I went to the rack where some clothes were Hilary's size and some would have been Tate's size.  I should be buying her 18-24 month clothes.  There were some darling things and it just made me ache a little bit inside.  I haven't shopped much for clothes for Hilary.  Luckily she is sooooo picky that she goes through phases where she will choose between like three outfits and just wear those and nothing else.  So it is futile to buy her a closet full of clothes.  It has been a good deal for me because I don't even think to buy her new things, so I try not to even look at the baby clothes.  Too hard.

As we were getting ready to leave the mall, I decided I wanted to run into See's Candy and get a Rum Nougat, the best candy they make!  And they always give you a free sample, bonus.  I need candy like a hole in my head, but it sounded good.  We went in and there was a sweet older lady with pretty white hair behind the counter.  When she saw Hilary she said  she had something special for her and pulled out a chocolate coin.  It was wrapped in the pretty gold wrapper.  She handed it to Hilary and she turned to my friend and said, "That's the tooth fairy because she gave me a coin".  My friend about lost it.  In all the hustle to get out of the store, I forgot to snap a picture!  However, when we were about to leave the mall, my friend spotted a man who looked suspiciously like Santa Claus.  She corralled us toward him so we could see what Hilary's reaction would be.  He waved to her and motioned for her to come and see him.  She walked over and stood next to him and he pulled out a candy cane from his bag.  Priceless, the man is prepared.  It's almost like he knows who he looks just like!  Hilary was in awe.  She LOVES candy canes.  Like in June she is asking for candy canes.  Not easy to find in June.  So this is her season.
She is showing him the chocolate Santa that she just ate from See's Candy.  I am sure she saw the irony in that!
After the nice man handed her the candy cane he chuckled and said "that will keep her up til midnight".  I laughed and said, "Probably Not".  Hilary has made it her quest to build up her tolerance for candy.  She is doing really well in this pursuit.  She had that candy cane polished off well before we got home.

My friend told me that when she was talking to Hilary today that Hilary told her that she wanted to be a mom.  My friend asked her how many kids she wanted and her reply was that she wanted two, Trevin and Tatum.  What a sweetie.  I wish that was how it worked, then our wait to see them again wouldn't be quite as long.

I have to say how grateful I am for all of my good friends who constantly check on me, who take me places to distract me, who call and text me, who talk about Tatum like I do, who tear up because they miss her and wish she wasn't gone, who run all of the silly errands with me so we don't have to do them alone.  All of this just helps.  They will never know how much it is helping me to carry on.  I know that Heavenly Father led me here to Lehi, to meet the people that I have.  They have truly saved me.  I am so grateful for all of my kids, even the ones who give me trouble.  They give me a reason to rise in the morning.
Tonight Lance and Hilary and I were watching a movie.  She was jumping around on the couch, and out of the corner of my eye I saw her fly over the back of the couch, not on purpose!  She wasn't hurt, probably more scared than anything.  It looked so funny, I couldn't help but laugh a little.  I am so very grateful for the comic relief that she provides all of us.  I am really grateful that she always reminds us to pray for Trevin and Tatum to gain weight.  I just love her.

There is quite a debate going on here, about Thanksgiving.  I am less than thrilled to have holidays.  Last Thanksgiving our lives were not like they are now.  Lance's sister Becky had just died not quite two months before.  So we were all pretty sad about that.  I was having a feeling that Tatum might be sick, but I don't think that I could imagine that this would be our life.  I guess we will know in a week who is the great debater!

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  1. I have seen that Santa Claus before! He is Awe.Some! Anyway, I digress. Thanksgiving is gonna be hard, it's gonna be sad. But if it doesn't get celebrated in anyway, it will be even more depressing. If no one is up to cooking, go to a restaurant, order it pre-cooked from a deli somewhere. Whatever floats your boat. Tatum and Trevin are so thankful for righteous loving parents who agreed to love them even if it would be really hard. Let them celebrate with you. Love you, Heather!