Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Change Is All Around..

On Sunday when I sat down next to Lance in Sacrament meeting he cheerfully told me that we had a new ward list.  I just looked at him, not super happy.  The person who did the ward list had realized shortly after that we and another family were not on the list and he texted me and apologized profusely.  I told him that I was totally fine with it and that I didn't care if it wasn't reprinted for another six months because Tatum was not going to be on the new list and I really didn't want to see that.  I guess they needed to make it correct, so they fixed it and reprinted it.  Just one more reminder that things have changed forever.

On Monday morning I was woken up by my pager.  I ran down to the hospital to the ER.  When I got there I realized that this was a repeat patient.  She had lost another baby earlier in the year and I had helped her then.  We put the connection together that she knew the lady that had been our Relief Society president while Trevin was sick!  Small world.  She was so sweet and trying to be strong.  She offered her condolences because when I had last seen her Tates was sick, but she had since found out that she had recently died.  What a sweet lady for even thinking of me while she is having this horrible experience.  Little reminder to myself to always be kind to people, no matter what.  When I was at the nurses station the social worker came over and we started talking.  She told me that I knew her brother and ister in law.  They live in my neighborhood and I adore them.  They sang at Tatum's funeral!  What the?  So we talked for awhile and she asked how I was doing.  Really, is this Heavenly Father's way of taking care of my personal therapy?  It was a wild morning.
When I got home I went for my "run".  I ran to the cemetery to take my stroll past Trev and Tates.  When I entered the cemetery I saw all of the groundskeepers out doing their mowing and edging.  When I got close to the kids plots I saw that their pinwheels had been hacked up and strewn across the surrounding grass.  The two little flags had also been chopped up!  I marched over and picked up all of the pieces and plucked out the flags and carried them to the garbage which is on the other side of the cemetery.  I got a little teary and sad and angry.  Would it have been that hard to pull up the pinwheels weed wack and then put them back?  Honestly, have a little respect!  The only thing left that I can do for these precious kids, is to take care of where there bodies are.  I am glad that they want to keep things looking tidy and clean, but really it would take them about 1 extra minute.  Grrr.  This did not start my day off very well.

When I got home Halea and I started getting packed up for our trip up to Logan to check out Utah State University.  Yikers.  How is it possible that this little baby of mine is all grown  up and getting ready to pick a college?

This is Halea and two of her friends that still live in our neighborhood and are also graduating after this next school year.  This is their first day of kindergarten.  Halea is in the middle pulling on her friends arm.  Things have not changed much in that area:)

We left the house around 10:00.  We stopped at the mall on the way out of town to do some school shopping which was fun because we could just focus on Halea and her friend.   It was way fun.   Then we headed up to Logan.  We got off the freeway and decided to stop and see the Brigham City Temple which is fairly new.  As we drove down Main street we came upon the temple and it is beautiful and then we looked to our left and saw the most adorable tabernacle!  We squealed with delight because we could see that the doors were open and we could maybe go inside.  We quickly parked and went inside.

Is this awesome or what?  I love old buildings.   Such character.

We decided that this is where you would have to sit if you were ever late to church!  Very poor planning on the contractors part:)

Right across the street from the tabernacle is the Temple.

I guess they don't serve our kind (with the big white vans!)  Discrimination.

  Every time I see one of these old buildings I feel such a deeper respect for the pioneers and all that they accomplished without all of the modern conveniences.  Such faith and devotion.  We take these amazing  blessings for granted that is for sure.   Simply stunning and amazing.

We got back on the road.  Logan or bust!!  The entire time I was having such conflicting feelings.  I am so grateful to get to have these amazing experiences with Halea.  I am really excited for her and all of the big changes and decisions she will be making  in the next year or so.  It just nags at me that I should have been home taking care of our sweet Tater bug.  I am trying to focus on the grateful. positive side.  

When we got to Logan we noticed that they also had a Tabernacle that was amazing.

We crossed the street to walk down Main street and look at all of the shops, (that had conveniently closed at 6pm).  We did find one that was still open.  Unfortunately we entered to find that the cool vintage clothing that we saw in the window was a ploy to get you to come in and then the "real" stuff that they sold was in the back of the store.  The lady said that the young ladies would need to stay in the front of the store!  Ahh, I think that we will ALL stay in the front of the store thanks.  We got out of there as quickly as possible.

Then we made the little walk to the Logan Temple.

I had certainly forgotten how quaint and beautiful and full of history this Temple was.  I had only been there once before, probably almost 21 or so years ago.  I just couldn't get over it.  I just really wanted to go in the minute I saw it.  I wish that the walls could talk!  Luckily it was part of our plan for the next day to go to the Temple and do baptisms.  We walked around the temple and saw the cutest old homes.  Halea was freaking out because she loves all of the old antique, vintage things.  It started to get late, so we went and grabbed a bite to eat and went to our hotel.  We swam at the pool and sat in the hot tub for a bit and then we finally went to bed just before midnight.  A long but fun day.  So grateful that Halea has surrounded herself with like minded, sweet, fun friends.  It is fun to be friends with the moms too.  I am glad that we have friendships that has stemmed from theirs.  Very cool.

We got up early this morning so we could make it to the Temple early and still have time to make it to the scheduled tour of the college.  When we got in the car Halea reminded me that we were going to the Temple, so I played the church music on my phone, rather than the radio.  Thanks Halea:)  The music we listened to is the music that we played while we were holding Tatum those last few days.   I listen to those songs every day, and they never get old.  I could listen to them all day, every day.  They just bring such a sweet feeling to my heart.  We got to the temple and Halea's friend realized that she grabbed her old, expired recommend off of her dresser instead of her new one.  They insisted that we go ahead and do the baptisms and they would just walk around the Temple.  I went inside and happened across a very nice man.  I told him the situation and he said to have her come in and he could call her Bishop and get an OK over the phone.  It only took a few minutes and he had worked it all out for us.  As we were talking to this very nice older gentlemen (that turned out to be the Temple President) we realized that he knew some people that I knew from Lehi.  Small world.  I knew it was going to be a good day.  That angels were already watching over us.

As we sat in the Temple waiting for the girls to finish I had some good time to read through some scriptures.  I looked up the word miracle, because I know a lot of people who struggle when they don't receive what they think is the miracle they ask and pray for.  A scripture really stood out to me, because I feel like through these past several months I have seen this time and time again and I am always amazed.  It is in Mosiah 8:18.  It says "Thus god has provided a means that man, through faith, might work mighty miracles; therefore he becometh a great benefit to his fellow beings."  I have seen people around me work mighty miracles.  Things that they have done in their eyes seem very insignificant or small, but to us have been huge things.  And more important we know, because of these things, that God is aware and listening and helping us along our way through the hands of others.  Simply amazing.   There is no denying it.

After the Temple we went to  the campus and found where we were supposed to meet for the tour.  Then we shopped and looked around until it was time for our appointment.  The tour was really fun and informative.  I loved the feeling of the campus and the people there.  After the housing tour we went and grabbed lunch.  Then Halea had signed up to go and talk to the business people because she wants to do finance.  I was not super excited about this part of the campus tour.  Halea wasn't either, but we decided to go anyway.  So glad that we did.  It was the best part of the tour.  So many great reasons to go to this school for Halea's major.  The kid who was presenting the information to us was super dynamic and fun too, so that helped.  I think that this might have sealed the deal for Halea.  For me, as her mother, I felt so good after being there in the town, on campus, in the Temple, around the people.  It is a very sickening thought to think about sending her off and not seeing her every day.   That change in our lives is going to be a real toughie.  To think that this might be where she ends up was very comforting.
We might have an Aggie on our hands:) Halea is on the left.  What dorks!

We went and had some Aggie ice cream as our last stop before hitting the road to home.  I think that Halea would be a perfect fit for this school, and I would feel fine if she chose to apply there even though it is a two hour drive.  Go Aggies.

We were happy to be home.  I missed cute Hilary and the other kids.  When I got home, guess what was sitting on our kitchen counter.  Six beautiful pin wheels.  I had not said anything to anyone about the pinwheels getting shredded by the cemetery people.  How could she have known?  This was a total tender mercy.  Another friend had also left flowers and a sweet gift.  Our family has been so blessed by the acts of kindness from others.

I know that there is a lot of change coming our way.  If it were up to me we would just bottle this time.  I know that it will be a blink of an eye and Halea will be gone to school.  She has been such a great influence on me and on her siblings.  I also know that this is how it is supposed to happen.  The fact that we can still talk and that she can come back for visits, makes it bearable.  I will not complain because I know first hand that there are worse changes.  


  1. I actually think about you a lot. Whenever I am going through a small trial, I think of you and your strength and I pull up my bootstraps and carry on. You are a big inspiration to me. :)

    We are constantly praying for you and your family. I hope things start to get easier for you.

  2. What a fantastic experience! I love that you went AND that tender mercies are given to you every single day...the Lord truly loves you my friend!!! (I do too!)

  3. Thank you doesn't quite do justice to this adventure. I had the most fabulous time! These are memories I will hold close for many, many years. Hopefully I didn't say anything too wrong (except to my daughter).

    The best part was seeing those cute dorks having such a great time together. They are lucky to have such a fabulous friendship.

    Oh, and thanks for sweet talking our way into the temple. :) That tender mercy just started the day off right.

    Go Aggies! :)