Monday, August 26, 2013

Tooth Fairy of the Year Goes To...

I'll get to the title in a little bit.   Sunday was amazing.  Halea was able to receive her Patriarchal Blessing on Sunday.  She had waited for quite a long time.  She had been thinking about it for a few years.  She wasn't sure when she wanted to get it, so we just sort of left it up to her.  She had fasted and prayed about it and she finally thought it was time about March.  She went in and talked to our Bishop and he interviewed her and gave her the go ahead to call the Patriarch.  It was shortly after that when Tatum's health started to get real sketchy.  She waited awhile and then Tatum's health really declined.  I really wanted her to get it while Tatum was still here, so she could go and be a part of it.  That probably sounds weird, but I just wanted her to experience as many things as she could while she was here.  Especially things of a spiritual nature.  That was not to be, and it is OK.  She made her appointment and then the Patriarch got really sick and had to cancel a few times.  The day was finally here on Sunday.

When we got there the Patriarch was out finishing his home teaching.  So we sat and visited with his wife.  I have known this couple from afar for 13 years and I have never really talked with her.  She was very nice.  She was talking to us about her family.  I had the impression to ask her how many children she had because I didn't know and then I pushed the words away because I was sure that she would then ask us the same question.  Then the impression came again.  And again.  Finally I asked her and she said 5.  Five boys.  I said five boys and moaned.  Then she said "Well we actually had 6, we had a little 9 month old that died and it was a little girl.  She was our last".  She was cute about it.  They always felt like she got to earth and saw that her family was 5 rambunctious boys and said no thanks.  Then I knew why I had been impressed to ask. A connection with this family.  She never did ask us how many kids we had.  Finally the Patriarch  came home.  I have always loved this man.   He was our stake president for several years when we moved into our neighborhood.  I always liked to hear him speak because he told it straight.  You never wondered where you stood.  He was a little evangelical and fist pounding.  Being from the south, it was a good fit for me.  I know that some people struggle with that, but I found it endearing.  We began talking and visiting.  He had a lot of questions for Halea.  What she wanted to do when she graduated, about her interests, instruments, why she wanted her blessing, etc.  Then he turned and asked me how I felt about Halea.  I told him that it has been one of the greatest blessings of my life to be her mother.  Some of my most spiritual experiences have involved the raising of her.  I said that I was so grateful for the example that she has set for her siblings and that she is a joy to have in our home.  Then he started talking to Lance.  All of a sudden I heard Lance talking about how Halea's little sister Tatum had recently died and that we had an older son that had died of the same thing.  I couldn't believe that Lance was saying it.  It just seemed so unlike him and out of character but I was so glad that he did.  We had a really nice conversation about Tatum and Trevin.  He told us that out of our 7 children (he actually acknowledged that we had 7 kids) 2 were on the other side doing what they were supposed to be doing and that the 5 that are here are as good and doing the same, what they are supposed to do.  He also told Halea that there was a reason that she needed to take the lead and be the oldest and that that was no mistake.  That our Heavenly Father is not only a great leader, but a great organizer.  He is very deliberate in what He does.  The entire conversation before the blessing was amazing.

Finally the patriarch laid his enormous hands (he is probably 6 foot 8 inches tall) on Halea's head to pronounce the blessing and be the mouthpiece for Heavenly Father and our Savior.  The beginning part of the blessing was so amazing to me.  It talked about Halea and her nature and her relationship with our Heavenly Father.  It only confirmed what I already knew about her.  It was just sweet to hear the words spoken.   It talked about her being a leader and having the great gift of being sensitive to the spirit.  So true.  Since she was little she has had that.  There were parts about how she would share the gospel with those around her.  I can't wait to get to read this incredible blessing again.  He said it would only take a week or so to get it printed.

When we got home we hurried off to church.  During church I was called into the hospital.  While I was there I was listening to someones conversation about how they wished that more places were open on Sunday so they could eat out more and how they didn't think that they should teach their boys about going on a mission.  They felt like they didn't want to "force" their boys to go so they felt like it was just better to not encourage one way or another.  They should just do whatever they wanted to do.  It made me sad as I left their room.  I was hoping that was not what the rest of the LDS world is coming to.  Keeping the Sabbath day holy is pretty central to our beliefs.  It is one of the ten commandments.  I do not understand why they think it is optional.  We have to do all that we can to keep ourselves not of the world..  Keeping the Sabbath day Holy is something that has been really important to me personally and to our family.  We are certainly not perfect, but we try to act and be a certain way so that we can preserve that day for the Lord.  It was sad to listen to this conversation, thinking about how complacent people are becoming even with the foundational beliefs of our community.

When we got home from everything and after dinner Halea and Zoe and I walked down to the cemetery.  When we got there I noticed a lady sitting at the grave of a little baby that was just a row up and a few graves to the side of us.  I had noticed the name on the headstone and thought that it sounded familiar, but i couldn't place why.  Then I loved that they had planted flowers around her headstone.  When Halea and I got closer, the mom asked if I would take a picture of them sitting behind their little babies headstone.  I did and then we started talking.  I told the dad that he looked familiar and that their name was familiar. (can you guess where this is going?)  Of course, I helped them at the hospital.  Such a sweet family.  They have three other kids.  Two were this little babies womb buddies.  She had triplets and this little girl only survived for a week, but the other two were just getting ready to turn one the next day.  We visited for a bit.  She asked about our story and I tried to give her the abbreviated version (if there is such a thing) .  It was so fun to see them.  Then Halea and I sat and talked for awhile.  It breaks my heart to see her so sad.  She seems to be missing Tatum a lot lately. I just don't even know what to say to her.  How can I take away her pain.  I can't even take care of my own.  We sat and cried for awhile.  We laughed a little too, of course.  We laughed at our silly dog.  Halea had tied her to the tree while we were sitting there and she was going nuts.  She nearly strangled herself while we were sitting there.
On our way home Dad and Hilary came walking toward us.  I had asked Hilary if she wanted to come on our walk and she said no.  Apparently she did want to come so she made Lance walk her down.
Sunday was a great day.  I am so proud of Halea and the choices that she has made to this point in her life.  I will be forever grateful for her taking the responsibility of setting the example for her siblings.  

Now to the title of this post.  I took Holden and Heidi to the orthodontist today.  Holden told me a few days ago that he had a few loose teeth.  While he was being examined our orthodontist said that he was going to try and wiggle a few of the teeth out.   In seconds he had pulled tow of Holden's teeth.  He exclaimed that he was going to be rich when the tooth fairy came, especially because there was still a bracket on one of the teeth.  He said that Holden should get extra for that one.  They put his teeth in a little baggie for him to take home.  When we got to the car Holden said that he still hadn't received any money from the tooth fairy for the tooth that he lost two weeks ago.  Uh oh.  All of a sudden I remembered that Holden had lost a tooth two weeks ago.  Oh my gosh.  We have always been the worst tooth fairies to begin with.  Right now, we are the worst everythings, so I wasn't really shocked that we forgot.  But for two weeks.  Poor little Holden. Waiting so patiently, not saying a word.  I told him that if he wrote a three with a sharpee marker, on the outside of the baggie, that the tooth fairy would know to give him money for three teeth.  Am I the worst mom yet?  We got home and I started doing things and making dinner.  I was passing by our kitchen counter and saw this:
Sorry those are his gross teeth, but he had certainly written a three on the outside.  He still believes that sweet little guy.  He also believes me.  Ugh.  The trust.  I just adore him.  He can be so sweet and innocent.  As I am writing this I am realizing that everyone is in bed and I don't have a cent to my name in cash!  I am going to have to scrounge around in the kids piggy banks.  I seriously have got to be one of the worst tooth fairies ever.

One last thing.  My amazing friend Melanie designed a logo for us for the foundation that we are going to start and I am so excited.  I think it is adorable so I wanted to share it.  We are going to print some t-shirts for our hike and we will use it for other things.  She is so talented and always so willing.  I am so lucky to be surrounded by such people.

I had to take a picture on my phone and do it that way because that is the only way I know how to do it, embarrassing.  Underneath the kids it says "helping each other conquer mountains".  That is what I have felt in my life, and what I hope we as a family and a community can continue to do in honor of my amazing, sweet, strong children, on both sides of the veil.  

Our hike to the Y is on Monday September 2, 2013
8:30 am , meet in the parking lot at the y mountain trail in Provo
We will gather at Kiwanis park after the hike and have snacks, a raffle and a balloon release for anyone that wants to come and participate.


  1. That is a beautiful logo that seriously brings tears to my eyes. Wish we could be there, but will definitely be there in spirit.

  2. That Halea is amazing. She has blessed so many families. Oh how we love that shaved ice eating girl.

    See you Monday morning. The logo is awesome.

  3. I love the logo. I'm glad we'll be able to participate.

    Patriarchal blessings are awesome. Thank you for sharing that experience with us.

  4. I love your family. And that logo is sweet and so perfect!