Monday, May 13, 2013

A "Quiet" Day

As quiet as a day can get with a three year old present.  With our little chatter box, not very quiet.  I guess by quiet I mean uneventful.  I like uneventful days!  Tatum slept pretty good and had a really quiet morning.  She took a really good nap, so I was able to get a lot done.   Mondays are always good days to have her nap in the morning so I can try to repair the house from the weekend full of kids!  Hilary slept pretty late, so I got even more done:)  Tatum is in a really calm pattern as far as her seizures go.  I hate to even post that because I don't want to curse it.  She is so much happier when she is not seizing all day and struggling to breathe.  Imagine that.  She sure demands a lot just to keep her happy (haha).  Look at the things that we all take for granted.  There are so many things that I just expect my body to do and then I look at her and I just can't believe all that hers cannot do anymore.
We had some visitors today so that was fun.  Some of my nurse friends came by and brought some amazing things over.  I work with the greatest people.  They have all been so kind and understanding.  People are so kind and talented and generous.  I feel so undeserving of all of the kindness that people have showered us with.  It makes me want to be better at serving those around me and especially just being aware of others needs.  People in general are just good.
In the early afternoon I told Hilary that I was going to take a nap and she said, Yeah go take a nap with Tatum.   So sweet.  She really did let me.  She occupied herself while I got a quick power nap.  It was fantastic.  Then later in the day I was sitting holding Tates and I dozed off for another little power nap.  I may never get to sleep tonight!
Earlier today I was telling one of our visitors that when we first got our dog that she was really sick and Hilary was listening and she got this sad voice and said, "Tatum is sick too".  So sad the things that she understands.
Tonight Halea and I went to Costco because we ran out of paper plates!  These days that is like running out of water!  Some days I just don't want to waste time with dishes.  Sorry for all of you "green" people out there.  You can't go to Costco without seeing several people that you know.  Well that's usually fine, unless I run into people that I haven't seen for awhile that don't know what is going on.  It has happened the last two times I went to Costco.  I am pretty proud that I was able to get through the Tates story both times without going into the ugly cry in public.  Always a good accomplishment.  The friend I ran into tonight has been a friend for a long time, I just kept thinking I better call her.  Oops.  It was good to see her, I just always feel bad ruining peoples day.
I forgot to snap a picture of Tater bug in one of my favorite shirts today darn it!  So I got her sleeping and having the best sats in several days.  Not a lot of suctioning required today.  It has been a good day.  I hope there are more to follow.

Tatum is so done with this day...
 Those are the kind of numbers I'm talking about!  That is about as good as it gets.  Way to kick that pneumonia in the behind:)


  1. As one of those "green" people, I say, buy those paper plates buy the caseload! If any one had a good reason not to waste time and energy cleaning up dishes it's you! I don't even want your kids wasting time doing them, they are also dealing with a lot. Love all the photos of Taterbug, those cheeks and feet are just so delicious looking!

  2. Way to go on those sats! Love those numbers. At our house, we call that the A+ sat. So glad she's had a good day and that you got those power naps in. We call them naplets around here, and they're priceless. Love you.