Monday, May 27, 2013

PICU Part Two

Tatum update:  Tatum is a little fighter. Where does she get her fortitude?  I think she surprises the doctors every time at how she can respond to things. She is not getting "better" dont get me wrong.  But it is impressive how her little tattered body continues to try and do the things that we want it to.  I feel a little selfish for willing her to fight.  I know she is tired but I think that when it is her time she and we will know and we will be blessed with the peace and understanding that we need.  In summary, her labs look a lot better today. They were worried about her clotting factor today. So the attending doctor wanted to meet with us and our GI doctor to have the talk about what we would do and how aggressive we should be.  Our GI doctor was doing a liver transplant today (what I wouldn't give for a new liver for Tatum) so he was in and out of the OR.  He told the attending that he would absolutely give her another round of blood product to help her body to try and recover and achieve a better blood clotting number. It gave me such hope. He is a realist but also optomistic.   He really felt  like maybe her liver would function a little better if we could just help her out with a few things. It felt like he was validating her life and us as a family. Trying to give us time even if it is just a little more and keeping her comfortable.  I felt super relieved after all of that.
Tatum has hardly needed suctioning today and she is back on her regular amount of oxygen!  those are big things. She is back on her regular feeds and no IV fluids. Her potassium and glucose levels are good after a few hours of no extra fluids. We are thinking about home very soon:). I don't dare speak the word in front of her, but I am sure she would be the happiest of us all to be home.  No more poking, positioning , blood pressures, etc!

I was able to go to the church they have here. I remember going a few times when Trevin was here and thinking that the spirit was so strong. As I sat and watched these young college students bless pass the sacrament I was so thankful for them and their priesthood. What a cool eye opening experience for them. When you are young like that you can be so self centered with everything "big" that is going on in your life.  I'll bet they are changed forever after visiting patients rooms and witnessing the spirit that is felt during the sacrament meetings.  As I sat their and looked around the room I could feel the heaviness of what all of the people that were there were experiencing.  I could feel my own exhaustion and the enormity of my own situation.  It was a good time to let down. Just then I looked up and saw my good friend from Provo walk in.  She was such a sight for sore eyes.  She was in her pretty Sunday attire and as she got closer i could smell her perfume. It was about then that I realized that I hadn't showered yet because I was waiting for Lance to bring a blow dryer to me, and so I was still in my sleepware and I am sure I didn't smell or look my best.  Luckily she still recognized me and came and sat next to me.  We listened for the entire half hour service!  Yep 1/2 hour folks. How will I ever go back to 3 hours?  It may take me awhile to build back up:).   It was a great meeting. They passed the sacrament had a piano musical number and a great talk, the spirit was strong all in a half hour!  Hmmmm?
My friend stayed for a bit and then Lance came up.  Shortly after he got there they moved our room to the other side of the unit. Our first room the nurses referred to as the "cave" because it was in the corner and it had no windows, but it had a bathroom in the room and it was really private so we were ok with it. Until they moved us to our new room that is a corner room that has two full walls of windows.  And a pretty view.

 After we moved I decided that I would finally break away and grab a shower. When I came back in the lady at the desk didn't know who I was.  Our nurse did a double take and said wow you look different!  Apparently I needed a shower:).  When I got back I finished Tate's mani and pedi. Then I did my toes to match hers. We always feel better when our toes are done. Maybe it's just me:)

Overall I would say that Tatum had a good day. Her labs looked a little better and she was almost seizure free. She had some good awake time.  Her breathing and heart rate were really good all day.  Her belly is still really swollen so i cant really hold her because it seems uncomfortable for her.  That is hard, but i can sit right next to her bedside and hold her hand and stroke her head, and she seems happy with that.  Here is hoping that we get to go home soon.


  1. Well, I also hope home is soon. Those improvements sound so good and hopeful!

  2. That has to be bed 14... we spent about six months there, so know it well. Thinking of you!!