Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Relaxing Mother's Day, NOT!

Tatum Update:  Tatum started off at 2:30 am, if that tells you how the day went:)  I know it is not going to be good when that happens.  She needed a little more suctioning this morning, that started off the spiral.  Once I got her dressed and ready for the day, she settled down for a little while.  It was a pretty calm morning, I was working on the finishing touches for my lesson and getting a few last minute things ready for dinner.  The kids came down and they had all written me little cards and a few presents.  It was sweet and fun.  The written word is getting to be a lost art, so I am always grateful for their sweet little cards that are so heartfelt, even if they are last minute (a suspicious 10:00 run to Walmart last night...Hmmm...)  We had decided to keep Tatum home for at least the first two hours of church, Lance and I were just going to take turns, since we were both teaching classes.  Then i would decide if she was feeling well enough to come to Sacrament meeting.  When I got home to relieve Lance he said that she had thrown up some brown stuff.  A little concerning.  After he left she threw up a few more times, when I vented her g tube there was a lot of coke colored junk in her tummy.  That was not normal.   I called the Pediatric floor to ask them if that was normal.. They said that could be a normal color for bile.  I was not totally convinced, so I called my good friend that is a pediatric nurse.  She thought I should for sure text my doctor.  I felt terrible disturbing him on Mother's Day, but I was a little desperate.  I sent him a text explaining that she was throwing up brown liquid and that we had to up her oxygen intake.  He called me about a half hour later.  He said to turn her feedings off for a few hours and let her tummy rest and see how she did.
After we ate dinner her sats were looking pretty good.  I had really wanted to take a walk around the neighborhood for Mother's Day.  I could see that was probably not a possibility, so we moved some chairs to the porch and sat outside for over an hour.  It was such a beautiful day and Tatum really had perked up.  Her oxygen was doing great, she even smiled a  few times.
 Here are Tatum and Hilary wearing their matching dresses!
 Hanging out on the porch....

 She was about to crack a smile...
Big sister........

Bigger sister.....

As the night went on, Tatum seemed more like herself.  I was so relieved and I started going over the day to try and think of anything that may have upset Tatum's little system.  All of a sudden I remembered that when I was getting her ready this morning I had done her dressing around her g tube a little different and so it may have been tighter than normal, causing uncomfortable pulling?  I had changed out the dressing earlier in the day after she had thrown up several times.  Ever since, she has really started to seem more like herself.  So relieved.  I thought I was going to have to start calling Primary childrens in the morning, and I still might have to.  For now she seems much better.

I am so delirious right now that I keep typing random letters as I fall asleep.  So if none of this makes sense just disregard it!

Overall it ended up to be a good day.   I just loved hangiing out with our family.  I am so grateful for them.

Even though this was not exactly a relaxing Mother's Day, it was a really good day to have the kids aroumd and be able to get out on the porch with little Tates and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Love being a mom.  I want to get better about expressing that!

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