Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let the Celebrating Begin!

Tatum Update:  I will say this quietly, good day.  Tatum had a pretty quiet decent day.  Last night was terrible, more for me than her.  I usually don't have the sat machine on at night, because usually she gets to sleep and breathes clear and she is calm.  Last night she just didn't ever seem to get in that rhythm, so I decided to sleep with the machine on.  Bad mistake.  It went off like every 10 minutes!!!  I am telling you that my new least favorite number (if you have such a thing) is 89.  Whenever her oxygen sat drops below 90 it beeps, really loud.  So literally from midnight to 6 am ,when I finally gave up trying to sleep, it went off every 10 minutes.  On the bright side, she had a fairly good day.  We had to suction a bit.  She was coughing a lot through the night and a little this afternoon, and now she is breathing like you and I.  Go figure.  I am hoping that she hacked up some of the pneumonia and now she will sleep easy tonight.
We know that Tatum is only going to get to celebrate one birthday.   So we decided that we will celebrate a few different times so that we have some memories of this time with her.  We had some of our extended family come down tonight.  Right before they arrived Halea was helping take some pictures of her.  She was flipping through pictures on my camera and came across a picture of Tatum from several months ago, I think that it was right when she got sick.  She showed it to me and I lost it a little bit.  I know what this disease has done to her, but I really see it when I look at pictures of her from right when she got sick.  Her eyes were still big and bright, she had way more control of her facial expressions, she was less puffy.  It is just heart breaking.  Poor Halea, felt horrible.  It was just one of those moments when my guard came down, and I just wished that things were different.
I quickly tried to pull it together before everyone arrived.  No one likes a party pooper.  I was a little nervous because some of the family hasn't seen Tatum since she got sick, so I am sure it was a shock.  One of our nephews (you know who you are Travis!) and his wife just had a little baby girl.  It was crazy to see her and see how strong she is and how much she can control her movements.  It breaks my heart for poor little Tatum.  What a miserable reality to not be able to move anything voluntarily.
I made a trifle so that I could at least put a little bit on Tatum's tongue so she could taste her "cake".  She was pretty disinterested, but it made me feel better:)
I am pretty sure I kiss Tater bug a million times a day.  She is probably sooo sick of it.  Too bad!
 I wanted to get a picture of her adorable teeth.  She wasn't too happy to share, but this is pretty good.  You can see the cute little gap!  Love it.
Halea was even able to capture a quick smile today.  They have been far and few between these past several days.  We had to work really hard for this, but it was worth it.
Hilary sure enjoyed the ice cream and the accidental topping that her uncle brought!
I couldn't quite get Hilary to cooperate for a cute picture with her and Tatum together.  I thought it was cute that they had almost matching dresses on.  One was a gift for Tatum, Hilary's was one I picked up at Costco on Saturday.  When I got Hilary's home I was excited that they sort of matched.  Adorable.
Tatum was worn out from all of the partying.  She seemed to do well through all of the chaos.  I wasn't sure how she would react.  She seems to thrive in chaos, hmmm?
Overall a great day.  Love this little lady.  Countdown to Primary Childrens continues, 2.5 days!


  1. Heather - glad she is finally home, and wished I had a wand and could magically help you get some better sleep. I LOVE the pictures posted today, especially seeing those beautiful teeth. Day by day friend. Pat

  2. Glad you guys broke out of the clink. Praying you both get some good sleep and that nothing gets in the way of your appt. at Primary Childrens! She is so beautiful and precious....can't wait to finally meet her! I hate not being there. Feel so useless out here in the arm pit of the country. Love you guys!

  3. I read this entry and just cried. You, and your beautiful Tatum are amazing.

  4. Yeah for celebrating Birthdays!!! I do not know why in heavens name I did not celebrate Lilly's one month birthday (although I think I was very much sleep deprived.) And love the darling pictures. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers Heather, and thank-you for sharing sweet Tatum with us! (((Hugs)))