Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Terrific Tatum Teeth!

Tatum Update:  We actually discovered yesterday that her other two teeth poked through!  Final count for the day 8.  Eight teeth doesn't seem like a lot, but that is plenty  to prevent us from getting the suction tube past!  She looks you straight in the eye and just clamps down when she hears the suction machine flip on!  Her one act of defiance.  I smile at her and then I have to pry her little jaw open.  She is very patient.  I am sure she knows we are trying to help her, she just also knows that we are not professionals so we are not always super good at working the suction machine.   She is having to learn patience with us.
This morning I was getting Tatum ready while the kids were getting ready for school because she didn't wake up until 6am!  What a rock star.  I pulled out her outfit for the day and Holden was there.  When he saw what I was putting on her he smiled and said something about it being cute.  What a cute brother to even notice.  It was a cute little purple pants outfit that one of our neighbors dropped off.  It was adorable on her and I totally forgot to take a picture!  Sometimes I think we are still living in the film era, where you had to be choosy on what pictures you took.  So I am not as attached to my camera as the younger generation.   Next time she wears it I will get a picture.  Hopefully she won't have too many more opportunities to wear it because it was pants.  Pants today because it SNOWED!  That's right, snow on May 1st.  Lovely way to start May.
Tatum slept a lot today.  She seems to have a few days of sleepiness and then a day of more awake, and then back to sleepy.  I feel like she is just wearing out.  I was grateful that she was a little sleepy today because I needed to go and do some hand molds at a mortuary for a family that lost their 14 month old son a few days ago.  Halea stayed with Tates while I went.  While I was there with the family they told me a little bit of their journey with their little guy.  He had several health issues when he was born and so he lived his entire life in the hospital until the last 8 weeks, when they got to take him home.  They are from here but they moved out of state to get better care for their son.  This made me so grateful that we have been able to avoid the hospital thus far.  The whole time I was there with them I just kept thinking this is going to be us soon.   I hate to even think about it, but it's true.
My heart has been pretty heavy since this afternoon.  Most days I do fine with everything and my knowledge and understanding and faith can fight off the sadness.  Today the sadness crept in and overcame me for awhile.  I think that it is good to just have a good cry once in awhile to relieve all of the stress.  Well I should have no more stress left in me, because I went to the really ugly cry.  I was driving late tonight and it seemed like every song that came on the radio made me cry, even if it didn't apply to my current situation:)  It was good it was night time so no one could see me.
Tomorrow is a new day, and then it will be Friday! Friday we go to Primary Childrens and hopefully get some suggestions for these hideous secretions.
I am reposting this picture because I love it!  I mean who doesn't want to kiss those smoochy lips.  And what lady doesn't envy those beautiful lashes.  Lucky little girl.


  1. Were you talking about Ryker here? I feel like you are. You are such an amazing woman to reach out to people when you are so full of busy things right now. You are amazing.

  2. I've just found out about your blog Heather. I'm very sorry to hear about the hard time you're going through. Two things I've noticed though. One is that your faith is helping you deal with this slow, steady, excruciating loss. Second is that your generosity to help other people with the loss of their little ones is helping you deal with the heart break. Your photos are so beautiful, because you have a beautiful little girl to take photos of, but also because they're from a lens of love. I'm praying for you Heather, and I wish I could just take some of that heart break away from you and your family and shoulder it myself. Love, Laura