Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hotel IHC

OK it's not really a hotel:). Tatum got herself put in the slammer, the poky, the block, the hospital. Darn it. She had a really rough day at home yesterday so I am happy to be here to see if we can't get her feeling better. She woke up yesterday morning at 4am and didn't go back to sleep until 2 in the afternoon!  She was having a lot of seizures so she just couldn't rest.  In the meantime I was trying to contact our GI doctor to see about the new tube. I didn't get very far with him. In fact I was super frustrated.   It seemed like the entire day we were fighting to keep her oxygen levels up.  I finally called my pediatrician and he said to bring her in if I was nervous.   I loaded her up and made it to his office in record time.  When he listened to her he thought maybe she had pneumonia (probably from aspiration ).   He felt like we should bring her over to the hospital and give her some iv  antibiotics.  I was a little relieved because she was making me nervous at home.  I felt bad to leave everything at home the kids the half done laundry and half done laundry carpool young women's activity piano lessons.  Kind of had a few things to do. I guess I realize that those things will wait.

We had some visitors last night and then we started to get settled for the night. She did really well through the night. She had a few times through the night where she had a little dip in her oxygen level but that is a little normal for her. She slept until 5:00. She has been really restful this morning. My pediatrician is going to call and talk to our GI doctor to see if he can get anywhere with him since I didn't.  Either way we need to get her tube to her intestine because that seemed to work fine for her.   I just want her to be as comfortable as possible.  I can't take away all of her physical struggles but I can advocate for her in the things that I can help her with. Overall this has been a really positive visit. I feel like we are making progress.  And this morning when I went to take a shower they actually found me real shampoo and conditioner not baby shampoo!  So now on top of everything I am having a pretty good hair day:). Ill take the little victories.

I am so grateful for personal revelation. I know it is real. I know it comes from our Heavenly Father trying to assist us and lead us back to him. He wants us to be happy even through times of trial. "men are that they might have joy".  I am joyful. I am a wife and a mother which is what I have always wanted to be.  There will always bumps in the road. Without them we would not appreciate the smooth times.   Thanks for caring about us enough to read about our adventures with sweet Tatum.

FYI I started this post about 4 hours ago. This is a busy place. I always think I am going to get stuff done. Yeah right!  And I can't get spell check to work on my iPad so don't judge me:)


  1. I am not sure what to write, but I didn't want to read that and not write something. So there you go. We always have you guys in prayer, and hopefully it isn't getting counted as vain repetition so it will really help. I'm not getting any vibes of what I can do otherwise, so maybe I need to change the prayers up a bit. Hope the docs can connect and get that new tube figured out!

  2. Love you guys! Keeping Tatum in our prayers.