Friday, May 3, 2013


I know what you are thinking.  Not me!  Tatum got botox.  And she looks fabulous and wrinkle free.  Those crows feet were really bugging her:)  Who knew what botox could do? Apparently it can numb your salivary glands.
It seems like we have waited forever for this day!  We decided to keep Heidi home from school to stay with Hilary because waking up a three year old before she is ready is not advisable.  We had to leave at 7:30 to be there by 8:30 and some days Hilary will sleep until 9:30 or 10:00.  Heidi was very happy to stay home.  I know mother of the year here I come!  When we woke up this morning Tatum was sudsing and snotting so the suctioning began as soon as we got going this morning.  We quickly got ready and loaded and we were on our way.  I was really nervous that we were going to get up there and they would say that she didn't qualify or they would not be able to help us.  We got to the hospital right on time and found the office we were to go to.  We checked in and they brought us back to the rehab room.  The nurse started checking us in and going through Tatum's history when the doctor came in.  She was super nice and direct and talked us through our options.  I was sure that we would just be evaluated today, but she just took our word for it that Tatum had horrible secretions.  She actually just trusted us as her parents.  We have had the most amazing specialists.  They have all been very respectful of listening to the parents perspective.  My pediatrician always has been that way, but outside of him and his staff, sometimes doctors don't listen to you.  I expressed to the doctor my concerns about the medication and asked more questions about the injections.  She answered and agreed with concerns and then she said, "I think she will tolerate the botox injections fine.  I don't think she needs to be sedated and we can get the insurance approval and do them right now if you want".  What?  No red tape, no waiting, no testing, no questioning.  It was amazing.  Lance and I agreed that it would be the lowest risk option and we really needed to do something immediately.  The doctor went to get the medication sent up and the forms ready.
As we were sitting there waiting we started looking around the room at all of the Disney movie characters on the wall.  They were colored cut out laminated little figures of characters from all of the kids movies.  Only there were a few that were out of place.  They had put the frog from "Frog and the Princess" by itself and the princess was with the ants where it didn't belong.  Then he noticed that "Rex" from "Toy Story" was by himself.  You know what this means.  Lance had to fix it!
Here is the princess with the ants....
Here are Tates beautiful eyelashes:)
Here we are waiting for the shots...Disney characters in the background.

Here is Rex being reunited with Jessie!  Thank goodness.   After Lance finished his covert mission the doctor came back in with the botox.  We put Tater bug on the bed, they cleaned where they would do the injections and they did four little pokes and it was over.  Tatum barely cries when they draw her blood, so I knew that she would do fine, but she did amazing!  After the procedure the doctor also noticed our sad little gel pillow that we had to place behind Tatum's head in her car seat.  She asked where we had gotten it and we said that when she had her g-tube placed we got them from our stay here at the hospital.  She said she could get us more if we wanted.  Heck yes!  They got us two boxes full of them.  What a successful visit to Primary children's.   They were so efficient and helpful, it was unbelievable.
We got home and settled Tatum into her bed.  She took a great nap and did really well breathing and seizure wise.  She woke up at about 6:00pm.  She was awake for a few hours and she was smiley and alert and I only suctioned her a tiny bit on the surface.  They say it will take a few days to see if it has helped, but she had a phenomenal afternoon and evening.  I am very hopeful.

So many tender mercies today.  The day went so much better than I could have imagined or worked out on my own.  I am thankful and ever mindful that we are not doing this alone, we certainly have Heavenly assistance.  I can only imagine what our family members who are on the other side are orchestrating for us.   I feel that love.  Grateful for good friends who bring meals right at the right time, who call at the right time, who just are thinking of us.  Grateful for doctors who understand that time is not a gift we have right now and see the urgency to take care of certain issues.  Grateful for kids who all helped each other today.  Grateful for pictures.  We got our big family picture back today.   It is hanging in our hallway and it is beautiful.  So happy to have a picture of our  family, capturing this time together.  Grateful I was able to relate our story to a friend who didn't know what was going on with Tatum without crying, since we were in Costco.  Grateful for a good husband who is so helpful and attentive and is a good father.  Grateful he has good people that he works with that allow him to miss work occasionally for appointments with Tates.  Always grateful for Tatum and her smiles.  There were many tonight and they are priceless.  


  1. She is just so sweet. I want to come see her. Much love and tons of prayers for you Heather!! XOXO

  2. Just a sweet girl. I am so glad that you were able to find something that may be able to help her. I will pray that this works! xoxo

    I am going to be in Utah May 29-June 3rd as a surprise for Dans birthday (I am bringing Gracie, I am definitely not the surprise) and I would love to see you guys <3 <3 We are also having a birthday party for Gracie on the 1st. I'll be sending you an invite xoxoxo <3

  3. Now you really have me wondering if we might be related somehow, because I would have done the same thing that Lance did - and Chris would have been expecting it from me, too! LOL! I love when things come together and it all goes so smoothly! We have had so many frustrations with PCMC, and so it is so great to know they have their act together a lot of the time. The picture of you holding Tatum is so sweet, and you can really see how her hair is growing in! She also looks like she has grown a lot since she started with a feeding tube. Or is that just the camera angle? I love her eyelashes, too, but I really love to see her eyes open most. Thank you for allowing us to peer in on your life like this, though I feel awkward about it. Hopefully you know we're not just "peeping toms" and we really care and hope we can be a strength and support in ways that really are helpful to your family.

  4. What a heartwarming story! I am very happy I came across your blog. Botox is quickly becoming a miracle drug, and I am glad it worked out for you and your child. Good luck and wishing you much healing.

    Dr Rhys Branman

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