Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Plan B

Quick update:  the plan tomorrow is to get Tatum an NJ tube. That is the same as the one that she had before she got her g-tube. It goes right into her intestine so that way she hopefully can't reflux anymore. Then we are trying to figure out the quickest way to get her g-tube switched out to a GJ tube.
Right now she is resting well. She had a very rough afternoon early evening so I am hopin with the rest she will have a better day tomorrow.
We have had so much support since we have been in the hospital. Visits, food, calls texts, etc.  every little bit has been so helpful.   Our brother in law was able to come down and help Lance give Tater bug a priesthood blessing.  So grateful for that gift.
I am deleriously tired. I will update tomorrow


  1. So thankful for the priesthood. Love you so much! Wish there was something I could do to help you guys! Being this far away really sucks.

  2. I am very sad she is doing the NJ tube, but if it helps I am glad for the option. I remember too many days in the hospital with my youngest, and of *all* her hospitalizations, the only time we ever had anyone visit was when you and Lance came up with the Lees and gave her a blessing. It was such a precious gift to have all of you there, and though I struggle with how the priesthood works or doesn't it was a comfort to have had that offered by friends instead of strangers in the hospital (don't misunderstand as we were grateful for those strangers, too). And when I was sick last year and wanted some company of familiar faces after too many days inpatient, there you and Lance were again - my only visitors besides my husband! So knowing how much that meant to me, I feel bad. I am sorry we haven't been there to visit, but your posts made me think perhaps you have a full measure of visitors for now, and sometimes it is nice just to attend to the matter at hand and try to rest -- so I didn't want to intrude. Hopefully what my heart was saying was true, and we haven't let you down after all you have done in our times of need. Hopefully this all gets Tatum more comfortable, and less suctioning. Inpatient is just not a fun thing, and I keep praying for home sweet home for you and Tatum.