Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Girls Camp...

Well, I am heading to girls camp tomorrow morning with two of my beautiful daughters and maybe my youngest daughter will visit for a moment or two:)

Last summer when I was contemplating girls camp I really felt impressed to look for somewhere close.  We had done a few years that were in Heber about an hours drive away.  I just really felt like maybe we needed to do something a little closer to home so that more girls could hopefully participate.  I was also leaning this way because Tatum was a bitty baby and would be just a little toddler by the next summer.  I would be done nursing her, but I still felt that we should stay close.  I know that there was divine intervention in being able to reserve our location and feeling inspired to stay close to home.  When Tatum got sick it was February.  By March we were starting to settle in and take a look at our future plans for the next few months.  As I looked at camp I was so relieved that we were close.  I knew that I would be able to manage to go up for some of camp.  Serving in the Young Women's organization I really wanted to be able to participate.  It helped me to not worry too much about camp because I knew that it would work out.

This is not what I planned.  I know that I am going to struggle a bit to be able to be up there the entire time.  I was planning on going up for certain activities and then sneaking down to be with Tater bug and then sneaking back up.  I am not actually a super enthusiastic camper so this was going to be fine with me.  That funny little girl!  She had other plans for her mother.  I am going to put on my very best face for the girls.  This is Halea's last camp, so I am lucky to be up there with her.  Heidi is so excited that she can hardly stand it!   She wanted to pack on Friday (we leave on Tuesday!) but I talked her into waiting til Monday.  The girls were supposed to bring their gear to our neighbors house at 4:00.  I got there at 4:10 to help load gear and then I said, Oh I better go help Heidi get her things here.  Well she had already brought it all over without me!  She is  a little excited.  So fun.

I am sure that we will have lots of fun stories and pictures for our next post.

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