Saturday, March 23, 2013

Are You Kidding?: Part Two

Tatum update:  She seems pretty steady right now.  She still has her moments of congestion, but with our new found security of the suction machine, we are able to help her.  It took several calls and deliveries of supplies, but I think we now have everything that we need.  Tatum still has her moments of being super smiley and even laughs occasionally.  She still likes to do her stretches and watch cartoons.  I can only imagine how boring her life is.  In the evenings when we make dinner or eat we move her in the kitchen so she can be a part of all of our chaos.  I think for the most part she likes it.  She is a real champ.

Late Thursday night, or early Friday morning somewhere in that blurry time, I realized that I was not feeling well.  As my day started early with Tatum, it was apparent that I might have a flu bug!  Are you kidding?  I cannot get sick.  I tried to soldier on through the morning routine.  I was able to help get everyone off to school and Tatum settled down, then I crashed.   I did not even do a quick run, that is how sick I was!  Lance came home and said that he would stay home until 1:00 when the other kids got home, then he had a meeting that he needed to be to and then he would come right home.  I gave instructions to Heidi and Hayden to be with Tatum while I laid down for a little longer.  I would wander out and check on her and then crawl back to bed.  At about 3 I decided I needed to get up and start disinfecting the house.  Heidi helped me wipe door handles and spray counters and spray lysol so the house would smell better:)  About 5 Lance walked through the door looking very sick!  Straight to bed he went.  Two down 6 to go.  Knock on wood, no one else has come down with the gamboo.
Friday was so horrible because I didn't want to touch or breathe on Tatum, so I didn't hold her all day until Lance stopped at the hospital on his way home from his meeting to grab me some masks.  That night I sat down and held her.  Oh how I had missed her and the way she fits so perfectly in my arms.  I feel like time with her is so precious I can't waste it being sick.  Glad this was a quick flu.
Today I was flipping through some pictures on my camera to free up some room on my memory card and I came across a bunch of pictures of Tatum right before she got sick.  My heart skipped at how different her body is in just 6 short weeks.  I was so sad for her.  She must feel so trapped.  I know that she is comforted during her trial, as we all are.   It was just the mommy in me wanted to make it all better for her.  I hope that we are making all of the right decisions for her.  I hope she feels how much we love and respect her.

The picture for today is from today.  I came around the corner and Hilary had crawled up next to Tatum all by herself.  Doesn't seem like a big deal, but there are a lot of tubes and wires to navigate, so at first I was worried and then I ran to get my camera.  What a sweet sister moment.  Love that Hilary.

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