Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tatum goes tubeless!

Life is never dull here at the Walker's.  We had just your average crazy Saturday with the kids going about there daily fun, riding bikes, sledding, playing with friends, CLEANING ROOMS, babysitting, etc.  Lance and I were going to take Tatum on her first big adventure since she was in the hospital.  We were going to a wedding reception for a co-worker up in Salt Lake City.  We started to get ready and Tatum's feeding pump gave the signal, NO FLOW.  Nice timing, right as we were walking out the door!  (it actually would have been soo much worse to get all the way to SLC and then realize that she could no longer get food, yet another tender mercy in the life of Tates) So I started messing around with the tube and decided that it really was clogged.  I tried to pull any clog that I could out with a syringe.  Didn't work.  I called our pediatrician and she suggested to try and pull with the syringe again and then put a little Coke down the tube.  Exciting for Tatum, her first Coke at 9 months!  And we don't even live in the south.  Luckily she only has two teeth to rott:)  After a few minutes we were able to get the clog out.  High fives for mom.  Just like that we were on the road.  Up to Salt Lake and back and no troubles.  Tatum seemed really unimpressed with the whole trip.  We got home and I went to get her out of her car seat and I heard a ripping sound, just in time to realize that her feeding tube had hooked on her car seat and it was now about 70 percent out of her!  Because her tube goes into her small intestines, there is no way to just feed it back in.  Now we had to just pull it the rest of the way out and call the Dr.  Nice one mom!  So immediately we took pictures:) Tubeless Tatum:
 So we had to run down to the hospital, by now it is 9:00.  The man in radiology was great, got her tube in quick and Tatum was tough as usual.  Then we went to Labor and Delivery and visited with our nurse friends.   It was great to see everyone, and for them to be able to see little Tatum.  We are certainly all on this journey together.  That was our exciting day.  You just never know what is around the corner with this little cutie.  We sure do love every second we get to spend with her, as does Hilary (shown above in picture 2)  We will let you know what adventures we have tomorrow.


  1. I worked all day Saturday and was suppose to stay til 10 pm. I must have just barely missed you:( Heather you are so amazing and such a cute mom. We are all thinking and praying for your sweet little family and Tatum is absolutely DARLING!!!! This blog is bookmarked so I will be keeping tabs!

  2. Hah! I think it's good she got a little break from the tube (and that you could get those photos). And a little Coke, to boot! :)