Sunday, March 17, 2013

Are you wearing green?

It has been a crazy weekend!  We will start with the Tatum update:
She has been having a lot of seizures the past few days.  She was soo good on Thursday for the zoo.  She was just her happy, pleasant self.  Friday morning she just seemed sad, like maybe she didn't feel good and she was just having a lot more seizures.  Her seizures do seem to be like Utah weather, if you wait a little while they will change.  It seems like we waited a long time for them to subside.  They have settled down a bit, but she still just seems a little sad, but who can blame her right?   I am just spoiled because she is always so pleasant. A few days ago I came home and Lance had noticed that Tatum's oxygen was shooting water through down her nose!  We quickly switched to her portable tank and Lance took a look at the machine only to discover that someone (not naming any names, but I think that she has a 3rd birthday coming up) had turned the oxygen down and that there was a kink in the hose!  Poor Tates probably felt like she was drowning.  The very next day Tatum was sleeping and I hooked up her feeding and then I got busy doing household chores while she was asleep, only to discover that I forgot to turn her feeding back on!  It had probably been off for an hour.  I quickly turned it on and hurried and got a few more things done.  I came back to check on her and noticed that there was wetness around her.  I forgot to plug the feeding into her feeding tube!  Holy moly, I hope that DCFS is not reading our blog.  We really do love little Tates, in fact Lance has discovered that she loves the show Yo Gabba Gabba (I am sure I butchered that spelling!)  It is darling how she will totally watch it, and seem interested.  We don't care if she wants to watch TV all day and be a couch p Tater Bug as we call her.  What she wants she gets like any princess should.  Her feeding tube is doing great and healing well, so there are the positives for the week.

This weekend was our youth conference so I was able to go up on Friday night and come home and then go back on Saturday.  I have the best husband who knows how important it is to me to know that Tates is taken care of and that I get to do some "normal" things.  Luckily we got cell service up at Aspen Grove so i could call and check in.  She did great.  Lance really enjoys his Saturday's chilling with Tatum, so I don't think either of them missed me.  When we got home from Youth Conference on Saturday we had some visitors come and we just hung out at home.  It was nice to be home and visit with friends.  Everyone who comes comments on the sweetness that they feel from Tatum.  We definitely feel that too.

Today I got Tatum ready for church and I made sure that she was going to wear something green so that she wouldn't get pinched.  When we got to church I started looking at her outfit, and I think it was actually blue!  I might have a titch of color blindness:)  Oh well, she still looked adorable. (see above)

We have been studying the Atonement all this month in Sunday School and Young Men/Women, and our lessons have been amazing.  I have been lucky enough to be teaching and it has been such a blessing.  I know that the knowledge that we as a family have been given through the gospel strengthens us and allows us to continue to breathe and live and not be crushed by the sadness.  
Today after Church Halea was saying that she really liked a scripture that Sister Hansen quoted in her talk.  She said that she used to think about kids like Hilary when the Lord says that we are to "become like a little child" and it never really made sense, because Hilary can be a little crab apple, but watching Tatum, it made sense to her now.  It is Mosiah 3:19.  Read it if you want to cry!  Halea started reading the verse and couldn't quite get through it.  We had a good hug and cry.  Tatum truly is submissive, meek, humble, PATIENT, full of love, willing to submit to all things.  She is such an example to us.  We love her.

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