Monday, March 4, 2013

Overwhelmed by kindness

Before I start this post, I need to confess.  I hope you all know me well enough to know that I would not have been able to start a blog without divine intervention or a wonderful friend.  It was the latter and probably some of the former.  Shout out to my good friend Melanie.  She set up the gmail account, the blog, everything. The name "Tatum Time" even comes from her.  After Tates was born, she would call and say she needed some Tatum time.  Even before she was sick, Tatum just had a special feeling about her.  You just wanted to spend time with her.  There is the whole story.   That feels better.  I just didn't want to write under false pretenses!  Thanks Mel, this has been a great thing.
So, on to today.  Tatum had a  pretty good day.  She spent the morning with dad, while I went and did a few work things.  Then this afternoon, she was literally laughing at Hilary and her antics.  It was sweet.  I got some video of it.  Priceless memory, especially when Hilary gets older.  Then there was a knock at the door and it was my cute neighbor, who has health problems of her own, with a big tray of cuties that she had peeled and separated.  What?!  It must have taken her forever to do that.  The weird thing was that I had just thrown away the last of my rotting fruit.  We were fresh out of anything resembling a fresh  fruit.  Inspired friends.  Then a little later another friend came by to visit.  Then another good friend had dropped by some paste on bows for Tates because I refuse to make her wear a headband at this point in her life: (here she is sporting her new look!)
How are people so kind and inspired?  We have had so many kind notes, emails, text messages, phone calls, meals, visits, the list goes on and on.  We are soooo lucky.  It is seriously overwhelming and emotional just to think about it.  I hope everyone who reads this knows how much we love them and how much every little effort means.  What may seem small to you is  huge to us.  So thank you.  I am truly inspired by the kindness and love we have received.


  1. We love you! Tatum is priceless...what a special gift she is to EVERYONE!

  2. I've never had such a comfortable Fast Sunday as I thought of your precious Tatum and your amazing family...

  3. I think about you and your sweet family all the time. I am just down the street if you need anything. Even if you just need me to tend while you go for a run. (I don't run). Ha ha.
    Love ya!!!!

  4. Tatum is such a beautiful baby. She has a calm and 'knowing' feeling about her as well as a cheerful heart. How blessed that she was born to goodly parents and siblings. We continue to pray for you and that the blessings of Heaven will help you endure this most difficult trial. We love you Walker family! -- C. Nielson