Saturday, March 9, 2013

Home Sweet Home

When we "woke up" this morning, (I use quotes because neither of us got to sleep:)) the nurse told me that after our teaching about the g-tube we could go home.  I went in to hyper mode, trying to get everything ready so that the minute we could leave we were ready.  We did our teaching and we were out the door at about 12:30.  Tatum didn't love the ride home so I sat in the back with her.  We did go over a big bump and I yelled out "whoa Nellie!" and she gave the biggest smile.  She knows we are just crazy around here.  I think she was happy to be home.  Hilary was happy to see us, for at least 5 seconds.  We got her all settled in her deluxe spot on the living room couch and she has been doing pretty good ever since.  The hospital loaded us up with supplies and these cool gel pillows.  They will be really good for her since she can't move herself at all.  We move her a lot but this will just make it more comfortable for her   I can tell she is still sore because when we move her she whimpers a bit.  I didn't hold her almost all day yesterday after surgery because I didn't want to move her too much.

When we got home today, I needed some "Tatum Time".  Once we get her settled in our arms, she does well and is relaxed.  We have had a pretty uneventful evening at home.  We will keep her home from church tomorrow so that she can heal a little more.  I think sitting in the car seat is a little much on her tummy with her lack of muscle tone.  She so enjoyed church last Sunday and so I am sad that she won't go this week, but we will bring her for sure next week.
So lucky to have little Tates home.  Thanks again to all of you for your prayers and support.  I just can't say it enough.

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  1. Glad you could pick up some of those gel pillows. I hope they make Tatum feel more posh and comfy! Home is definitely the place to be. :)