Monday, March 11, 2013

The gift of a Raspberry

We had a crazy night, Tatum decided to stay up until about 1:30am.  I have a hard time sleeping until she sleeps even if she is calm and settled. So we hung out together until she drifted off.  Just as I got her settled and I laid down, Hilary woke up.  I got her settled back down, laid down, maybe dozed for a few minutes and she was up again, and then again!  What the?  Finally at about 3:00 I think we all settled in for our 3 hours of sleep:) oh maybe that was just me.  I got up around 6:30 and got the kids going, lunches made, etc. etc.  After everyone left for school I started with miss Tatum.  She seemed like she felt better this morning.  She was smiley and happy, so I got her meds and did her a little bath and did her teeth and lip balm.  It's my favorite time with her.  I feel like maybe she feels better after all of the pampering.  I am sure she doesn't love it but she pretends for my sake because that is who she is.  Then she went back for a little nap.  Hilary was still asleep so I hurried and got the Monday morning rituals taken care of.  I got myself ready for the day and then Hilary came down.  Got her ready and then Tatum was starting to wake up.  I no sooner sat down with her and Hilary announced that she needed to go potty.  Only what she meant was that she accidentaly forgot to put her poopy in the potty.  Sigh.  I heard Tatum making some noises so I went in to see what she was doing.  She was working super hard to blow raspberries with her little cute tongue!  It was so darling because you could tell that it took all of her concentration and energy, but she was determined.  I immediately grabbed the video camera and got her doing it.  Another priceless gift.  A raspberry.  Then Hilary pooped her pants, two more times, that's right TWO MORE TIMES!  Then you guessed it, the dog threw up.  Are you kidding me?  I think that Tatum saved the lives of  her sister and the dog.  The gift of a simple sweet raspberry:)
A good friend brought me lunch and took Hilary to Costco for an hour, and another friend brought me Stephanie Nielson's book.  I am so excited to read it.  Talk about a tough trial.
The home health nurse came and said that her tube sight looked great but she thought her breathing seemed labored.  She is still oxygenating at 95-97%, and still sounds about the same as she has, so hopefully she just isn't used to hearing Tatum's kind of lungs.  They are special lungs that always sound a little gurgley.

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