Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day before Surgery...

Tatum had a pretty good day today.   We had several visits from friends and lots of well wishes for her upcoming surgery.  She got some new jammies for the hospital from a few friends.  She stayed awake a lot today.  I am always amazed  at how long she can stay awake after seizing all day and all of the meds that we give her, how she does it I will never know.  She is tough as nails!  Speaking of nails, the Walker girls all unified and did pedicures so that Tate's would have pretty toes for surgery.  Very important!
She does have the most darling feet.  We check in tomorrow at 11 am to Primary Children's hospital. We are a little anxious, but we feel comfort and know that this is what we should do for her.  I just don't like the thought of handing her over to someone else to take care of her.  If all goes well we will stay one night and come home on Saturday.  We hope for that scenario.  We are so grateful for good friends and family that have truly taken care of us.  We will post as soon as we know how the procedure went.  Thanks again for all of the prayers in our behalf.

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