Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Zoo!

As in the real zoo, not our home:)  Although I think we qualify for a zoo most days too.  Today was Tatum's big adventure out.  It was all hinging on how she slept last night and how her seizures were this morning.  She did great.  She slept well, and her seizures have calmed down considerably for now.  So that is her health update, on to the adventures.  (Stop reading now if this stuff bores you)

We had a pretty good morning.  We actually made it to the car only about 15 minutes behind schedule.  I count that as a huge success.  Hilary was excited, and we like to think that Tatum was too:)  When we got to the zoo it was nearly 70 degrees out, so naturally the entire parking lot was full.  Where is that handicap sticker when you need one.  So we had to park a ways away.  It took a few minutes to get everyone situated on our fake double stroller, but once we were loaded it worked great.  We met up with our cousins and the fun began.  Hilary was excited to see all of the, "Really Big Big animals".  She had so much fun and Tatum did really well.  She was pretty smiley through the entire experience:
It was nice to be out doing a normal activity, especially for Hilary.  I want her to be able to do things like all of our other kids did at her age.  With all of Tatum's "accessories" (oxygen tank and feeding tube) I can't believe that not one person said anything weird to us.  We did get a few little looks and smiles that were a little sad, but nothing beyond that.  I remember several times when we were out with Trevin people would ask the silliest questions or have a miraculous story about how their nephew that had a feeding tube is now going to college and everything is fine.  We learned to just smile and say thanks.  I might not be as nice this time, maybe people can sense the mother bear in me?  Anyway it was nice to be out in the sunshine and to see Hilary have so much fun.
It is really hard to think of these two not growing up together.  It was just going to be so much fun to have these two cute little girls to run around together and now poor Hilary will be stuck pushing both of our wheel chairs!  I am sure that her and Tatum made a deal  in Heaven or drew straws or something?

If anyone knows how to freeze or bottle time, let me know.  Today was a great day.  I just wish that we could stay right here.  I would take care of Tatum for the rest of my life,  Her presence in our home is tangible and I just can't seem to get enough of her.  When I am not with her, I am thinking about her.  Life without her is going to be really hard.  But, we do hard things in this life.  It is what we do.  Soldier on and be grateful for what I have been given, it is much

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  1. Heather, it was great to chat with you the other day, and to have Halea in our home last night. Continued prayers for sweet Tatum and your family.