Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tough as Nails Tatum

Tatum is a total trooper. She did really well all night. She is doing well pain wise, tolerating her feedings, right now she is sleeping good and calm. This girl is a Walker!   Our family Motto is "we can do hard things". She is rocking that motto. I think of her incredibly amazing and strong resilient spirit inside this broken frustrating body. Not fair sweet girl!  She has started to give her sweet little smiles again. What a blessing she is. What a reminder to remain faithful and strong and not complain about the trivial things in life. I couldn't love her more. What an example of an elect daughter of God.  We are lucky to be in her presence.

I know that prayer is real and that fasting works, and so I thank all of you for offering your support during these past few weeks. We have felt all of it. We have been the recipients of countless acts of kindness and again I use the word overwhelmed. We cannot ever begin to repay or personally thank everyone. We are so humbled and grateful.   Because of all of you and our tough daughter we should get to come home today and resume our crazy life. I know Tatum misses her sibs!  She always has a special smile or laugh for each of them. We are anxious to be home.

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  1. She is such a blessing! She couldn't be blessed with a better family either!! How lucky she is to have your family! We love you! I am so glad she is doing well :)