Friday, March 8, 2013

Surgery day part two

Things are looking up
1.  Roommate moved!
2.  Tatum peed!
3.  Tolerating milk!
4.  Tatum pooped!
She is a little rockstar. She just keeps checking things off of the list one by one so we can get home. Can I tell you how much I love technology. It has been so great to here (I spelled that wrong to see if my daughter is reading the blog:) from all of you through Facebook and text when my phone is working. Sorry I can't respond to all of you. Your prayers and concern are felt and so appreciated. We have the best friends and family. I feel a little like I am in a different country and so to be able to have words of encouragement sent our way is so helpful. Tender mercies. Thank you thank you

Thanks too to the skilled and caring doctors and staff who have taken care of our sweet Tatum to this point.

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  1. I am so glad the surgery went so well and that she is recovering so quickly. We all fasted for you on Sunday, except Alexandra. Every time one of the kids would start to "murmur" I would suggest we come and look at Tatum's blog to remind us why we were fasting. It was a special experience for our family and I am so grateful for the opportunity. You and your family remain in our prayers and thoughts. Love you, Heather!