Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Are you kidding ?

So Tatum had a really sad night. She woke up at 3am. I changed her very wet diaper and hoped that was why she had woken up. I sat and held her to try and get her to sleep. She just cried, then she would dose for a few minutes, then she would cry some more. At about 5 Lance came out to try and rock with her while I laid on the couch next to them. I was able to sleep for another hour before the morning routine began. Tatum never did get to sleep!  I decided that as soon as the kids were off to school we were going to see the doctor.  Lance stayed home with sleeping beauty so we didn't have to wake her because that is never pretty:).
When we got to the hospital (our pediatrician's office is hooked to the hospital) we went to visit our NICU and L and D friends until we were due for our appointment. It was fun to see everyone.  They treat Tatum like the rockstar angel that she is.  When Dr. Later came in and started to examine Tate's he said her tummy felt fine and he didn't think that was the trouble. Then he looked in her ears and said "we might have a winner!".   Are you kidding me?  An ear infection!  He said it was mild, but because she can't move, it could bug her more than normal. This made my heart sing.  A simple antibiotic and she could be back to herself. Hooray.
Total side note:  the day before Tatum had her big seizure we went for an appt. at Primary children's. On the way home we decided to stop at our favorite Chinese food restaurant to celebrate Valentines day because we knew we would probably not have time to get away that night.   Lance's fortune read "prepare for the worst, hope for the best". Fast forward 24 hours, we were in the hospital administering drugs to sweet Tatum trying to stop her hideous seizure. When Dr. Later was explaining that we may have to put her on a ventilator if the drugs made her stop breathing he said those exact words.  "Prepare for the worst and hope for the best".  Just another, however strange, way that the Lord was telling us that he cared and He was trying to help us in this very difficult journey.  I just know that our pediatrician and all of his staff are amazing and led by the spirit, truly instruments.
I am grateful tonight that I have a good husband that carries out my pillow and blanket every night so i can sleep on the couch next to Tatum, understanding that I can't be anywhere else.  He tries so hard to do little things to try and ease the burden of the every day things so that I can concentrate on Tatum and her needs.  Tonight after everyone was in bed, he said "That Hilary can wear you down, she is like all of the kids combined into one"  I just smiled:)
I know that these past few weeks I have been sustained with strength beyond my own.  Any normal human (even me) would have collapsed by now, and yet I am able to do the things that I need to.  I know that the Savior is offering up his grace to me and my family at this time especially in our lives to help us to not just overcome the pains of this trial but to be forever triumphant over them.  Unbelievable, unconditional love.
Sorry no picture tonight:)

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  1. Heather,

    You don't know me, but you were the bereavement specialist when we lost our little guy and were so kind to us. My mom is Shelly Dean that is an RN in NICU. I hope you don't mind that she showed me your blog. You are truly amazing. Your optimism and ability to see the positive and blessings in such a difficult time is so inspiring. Please know your family and sweet, beautiful Tatum are in my prayers.

    Sending love!
    Cammee Baum