Sunday, March 10, 2013

G-tube day 3

Today started off really good. Tatum slept pretty good and there didn't seem to be any complications with her new tube. Yay!  Lance had decided to stay home from church today and let me go to the church meetings. Tates still doesn't seem comfortable in her car seat so no sense making her uncomfortable for three hours, right?  This way Lance could get caught up on his HGTV!  Church was great. I came home during Sunday school so we could clean around the tube sight and get Tatum cleaned up and situated. After cleaning the sight we are supposed to twist the tube similar to what you do with new pierced ears. Yesterday we watched the nurse do it. Let me tell you that is a lot different than doing it yourself. I felt pretty lightheaded after I did it. I can't believe the physical trials this poor little girl is having to endure.  And yet she is still so pleasant. Definitely Lance's kid:)   The rest of church was good. All of the kids walked home because it was so nice outside, even Hilary walked home with Heidi and Amy.   We had family come down to visit and play some games. Around 7:00 Tatum started acting like she was going to throw up, not a good sign. So we turned down the flow of her feeds until we can watch her for awhile and talk to doctors in the morning. It is so unsettling to watch what this hideous disease has done to her body in 3 short weeks. Unbelievable. The only solace I can find sometimes is the peace that I have felt over and over that this is what Tatum  was sent here to do. The thought of sharing has come to my mind over and over during this trial. It has been two fold.  I have felt time and time again that we are supposed to be sharing Tatum's life with others so that we can share our faith with those around us and let them feel the enormous spirit that lives in that tiny body .  Several people have told me that they felt such a sweet presence around her. We know that she is sent to soften hearts and bare witness of the Saviors love for all of us.  This is our time to exercise our faith and truly live what we believe. Our faith does not take away the hurt, but it gives our trials meaning.  Our family will be stronger because of Tatum's life. 
I have also thought of "sharing" one another's burdens.  We have seen example after example of people trying in every way to help carry and lighten our burden. It is unbelievable the love we have felt. 

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  1. Heather, thank you so much for sharing Tatum's story. What an angel on earth she is! Her sweet spirit shines through your words and pictures. May you all feel continued strength, peace and comfort. You are all in my prayers.