Monday, March 4, 2013

What a blessed sabbath!

Sunday morning was great. I was able to get to both meetings I was supposed to attend. It just feels good at this point to be able to achieve normal tasks. I was able to be surrounded by the YW ladies that I love and then the girls that I love. Overall a great morning until I got home and saw that Tatum was having a lot of seizures. I waited for a bit and then I emailed her neurologist to see if we could tweak her medications  within about a half hour she settled down and we decided to take her to church. We have YW first and it was on the Atonement! Perfect lesson to remind me that through the Savior all will be made well again and that He has given us an escape from the awful monster of death.  By the time we got to sacrament meeting Tatum was smiling at everyone and then she started cooing and making noises that she hasn't made for almost three weeks. It could have been my horrible singing that was inspiring her to make sounds but I like to think that she was feeling the spirit. I am positive that she can see things that we can't. I am sure her ministering angels were there. I am also sure that she felt everyone fasting and praying for her. It was a great day. After church we ran up to our brother-in-laws for dinner with some of his family to break our fast together. It was a delicious meal. I was so grateful for the strength I was blessed with during the fast so that I could participate. Another prayer answered. God is good!

As I am sitting here typing Tatum is laughing and making the cutest noises because Hilary is being silly. What sweet gifts we have received these past few days. Every second is a real blessing.

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  1. Heather, I just heard about your sweet little Tatum and read your blog. What a darling baby she is! My prayers are with her and you, and your family.

    Sincerely, Janeal Smith