Friday, March 8, 2013

Surgery Day

Well surgery day finally arrived after a very sleepless night, for mom and dad not Tatum. The morning was pretty uneventful. We arrived at the hospital right around 11:00 just in time to hurry up and you guessed it WAIT! We moved from waiting room to waiting room kind of like cattle. They needed a little blood work and so they had an IV team come and put the IV in and draw blood at the same time. I warned them that she was a difficult stick and they got her IV in one stick! Awesome start.

Then it seemed like we waited forever til the anesthesiologist came and talked to us   He seemed familiar with mitochondrial disease and said he would be very careful with her sedation.  We felt very comforted after that. Then we walked her back to the entrance to the OR and put her in the wagon and they took her away. It was awful. We ran to the car and dropped some things off and grabbed a little something to eat then back to the waiting room. The surgeon came out after another 20 minutes!  So fast once they got going. He said things went great. About 20 minutes later they came and brought me back to recovery and they had already removed her breathing tube!  We are now settled in our shared room with our screaming neighbor:). I felt sorry for the baby for the first few hours!  Tatum has had moments of sadness, I think because she is hungry and maybe a little irritated from the anesthesia?  But her cry is so soft there is no way the other family can even hear her. We get to start pedialite at 7 and then milk after a few hours.  Cross our fingers that she will tolerate feelings and that they will move our neighbor to another room:). Strange coincidence Lance was going to stay overnight with me but now he is considering going home? Hmmm. I will post later to let you know how feedings are going.

By the way my phone doesn't work in this very expensive hotel so sorry if I don't return messages right away. Grrrr my only outlet to the outside world. Thanks PCMC and Tmobile


  1. Glad things mostly have gone well. I can empathize with the noisy neighbors, and hope things calm down there so tonight maybe can be a little more restful.

  2. I am so happy that things went well...hopefully your neighbor will need to go home TONIGHT :) Good luck!!