Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Awww Sleep, Precious Sleep

Tatum Update:  Tater bug has had like three good days in a row!  She slept good last night and she was very restful today.  Seizures were quite calm.  She is a real trooper.  Because she slept last night, I was able to sleep a little.  I felt like the energizer bunny today.  I got so much done.  While she was awake I was able to sit with her and while she slept I hurried and got the things done that I needed to.   Overall a really good day.
Tatum even came and did carpool with us and she did pretty good in the car.  I only suctioned her a little bit today.  While she sleeps, her breathing is great.  So weird.
Tuesdays are always a little crazy.  The kids have piano, I drive carpool, we have Young Women's, it's just a wild afternoon/evening.  This Tuesday was no different.  Luckily my good friend brought us a yummy dinner, so that was taken out of the equation.  We all got where we needed to be and we had a pretty successful day.  My new visiting teachers came today.  I was sad to be reassigned to new ladies, because I loved my other two great ladies, but I was excited to get to know the new ladies a little better.  One I have known since we moved here and the other lady has lived in our neighborhood for 2 or 3 years.  We actually have a lot in common, and we had a really great spiritual discussion about different trials that we are all experiencing now and in the past.  I think that our RS presidency was on to something!  There is often great inspiration in things that are done in the church.  Hopefully we will all learn from one another and help lift one another's burdens.
I was really grateful for sleep today.  I had forgotten what it felt like when your body feels sort of rested.  It  was amazing.
I am  grateful for good ladies that I get to work with in the Young Women organization.  Their spiritual depth and commitment are inspiring.    They are just good women, daughters of God.   They have all been so good to me and my family.  I can never thank them enough.  Also very thankful for the sweet girls that come faithfully and allow me to be a part of their lives.  It lifts me to be around them and their delightful spirits.

It seems like not a day goes by that at least a few friends check on me, stop by, etc.  It is amazing.  It's almost like they have worked out a schedule, but I know they haven't.  They are just led by the spirit and their "womanly intuition" on how to be instruments in the Lord's hands.  Truly grateful for that.
Really grateful for a daughter who sat down with her younger brother today to help him pick classes for High School.  He would have never listened to his ridiculous mother!
Grateful for Hilary.   When I got Tatum dressed today, I put her in an outfit that I have never put her in, but it was Hilary's when she was a baby. (I had to break out some more wintry clothes because it was 30 degrees when we woke up this morning!!!!! What the heck?)  Hilary looked over and said "Aww, Tatum looks pretty".  What a dear sweet sister she is.

Two cooking miracles today: I made cinnamon rolls for our activity tonight.  I made up this enormous thing of dough and I was finishing kneading it on the island in our kitchen.  The big bowl I was going to put it in was on the counter across from the island.  Without thinking I picked up the dough to transfer it.  Instead of just moving the bowl to the island I decided to just carry it to the other counter.  When i got half way across I realized that the dough was a little more loose than I thought and I could feel it slipping.  It was like slow motion.  PLEASE don't let me drop this dough!  I made it to the bowl, just in the nick of time.  Miracle.  Second miracle was that I was sure I had enough brown sugar until I opened my Tupperware container and realized that I didn't.  However, I had a brand new bag right behind the Tupperware!  Yes.  I love when things like that happen.

 I just thought that Tatum looked so pretty and peaceful sleeping today.  She just seemed comfortable today.

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  1. I hope the good days keep coming. Tatum is such a beautiful sweet little girl! Keep up all the great work....HOW did you make cinnamon rolls? YOU are truly AMAZING!