Monday, April 15, 2013

Blessings Abound Even During Times of Trial

Tatum Update:  Tatum has had a pretty rough day.  She started at about 4am just gurgly and she hasn't stopped all day.  She has had a rough time keeping her sats in the 90's where they should be.  She has been having a pretty constant tick of seizures all day.  Luckily Lance stayed home so I was able to run out and do a few things that I needed to do and pick up the kids from school and have a little break.  It seemed like everywhere I went today I heard another sad story of someone in the depths of a hard trial.  The Lord was reminding me all day to just breath and be grateful for the things that I do have and not for the things I wish I had or the things that I will not receive.  I am grateful for the loving reminders that things are going to be OK.  I do still wish for relief for Tatum.  I hope that I can help her better tonight.  She seems to have a few good days and then a few bad.  Is it wrong of me to only want the good?  Selfish.  

I am so grateful for a three year old who talks like a leprechaun.  She says things like, "I need to clip me fingernails"!  or "I need to get me Dora (pronounced Dola) doll"   What in the heck - it is so cute.
Grateful for good friends and co workers that love me and my family.  I don't know how people survive without a community to support them.
I am grateful for my belief and testimony.  Without it I would be nothing.
Grateful for a husband who insists on helping even when I am resistant, and when I ask him what he is doing on the computer he is looking  up YoGabbaGabba videos for Tates, rather than porn!  (Can you imagine Lance looking up naughty things on the computer.  Stop laughing!)

There is a lot of sadness in this crazy world.  We are lucky to have Tatum here with us, somewhat protected from the storm out there, tucked tightly in with our family.  She brings us such joy.

Hopefully we will have some fun pictures from Camera Shy tomorrow.

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