Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Who Needs Oxygen Anyway?

Intriguing title right?  Well, we had a crazy, productive pretty good day.  When I came up from the basement this morning at around 7:30am, Hilary was on the couch!  Oh boy, that is never good for the little girl who can usually sleep until 9 or 10.  Hmmm.   Then I looked over and Tatum  was awake too.  My immediate thought was, I can go to Yoga!  A few of our neighbor friends do Yoga at 8am on Wednesdays.  I haven't been forever because the girls schedules are so weird and I am not about to wake them up to go anywhere at this point in my life. (See I do have some sense!)  I called my other neighbor and she came and picked all of us up.  We were there for about 15 minutes and I got a page to go to the hospital, drat.  Hopefully this was not how the entire day was going to go.  We raced home, got ready, my neighbor took Hilary on an adventure, or vice versa.
We got to the hospital and all of the sweet nurses took great care of little Tater bug.  She was really good the whole time.  I met up with one of my good friends who just happens to work at the hospital and we grabbed some lunch.  While we were waiting for the food I had an impression to check Tatum's Oxygen.  I check her oxygen connections often because I OCD about it, but this was different.  It was a distinct impression.  I pulled the tank from under the stroller so i could look at the connections.  I looked at the gauge and it was all the way to the red indicating it was OUT OF OXYGEN.  A little panic went through me, but I couldn't understand how that was possible, it was a brand new tank.  I pulled the tube off of the connection to see if there really was no oxygen coming out of the tank and sure enough there wasn't!  I turned the tank off and then on again and it registered that it was still 3/4 full.  I turned the gauge on and oxygen began to flow.  I hooked her back up and wanted to throw up.  So there is a sensor on her feeding tube that when the food runs out it beeps at you, but not on an oxygen tank, hmmm.  I think that I would be a little more concerned with BREATHING!  We will now add that to our list of many home health equipment issues we would like to fix.  We are going to invent some things that will change lives I am just sure of it.

Tatum was no worse for the ware.  You would never have known that her dingy mother was hauling her oxygen tank around for no reason, cause it was doing no good.  She is such a trooper.  I hope that when the other kids are complaining to her about what a bad parent I was to them, she puts them in their place and says something like, "oh yay, well she forgot to hook up my oxygen" (which I didn't, I can't explain how it got turned off!)  That will surely shut them up right?  Moral of the story: listen to the promptings!  One more time, Listen to your promptings.  Saved again by the angels that are watching so carefully over our sweet Tatum.

When I came home from our incredible Relief Society class Halea had hymns playing on the computer and was sitting next to Tates.  What a sweet spirit and tone she set for me to come home to.  Thankful for that in my day today.  Thankful for all of our awesome kids, who are braving this tough journey with grace and faith.  Forever examples to me.

Also thankful for promptings from the spirit given to me and to those around us who have been walking on this journey with us.

Especially thankful for Tatum Hope, yes her middle name is Hope.  We wanted to give her an H middle name in case she felt left out when she got older that she did not have an H name.  I felt strongly that she would be the "hope" in our family for a lot of reasons, never imagined it would be for this reason.  She does give us hope every day.  We love our little Tatum Hope.

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