Saturday, April 27, 2013


Tatum Update:  OK, Tatum did not go to Prom, but Halea did:)
 How has this happened, my baby girl is 17 and going to prom.  Time just flies.
Hilary was intrigued with the flower for Halea's date....Halea and Heidi went together to pick it up, adorable.  Halea is a great big sister, I didn't even suggest that she bring her.  
Two beautiful girls....

Tatum had the greatest day today.  She was super smiley, I don't think I suctioned her at all today, she breathed well all day, her seizures were pretty calm, she got to hang out in her little bed in the kitchen for some of the day while we cleaned and Halea got ready for prom.  It felt like a normal Saturday, not a lot of worry.  It felt nice.  Days like this make me think I wish this could just last forever.  Tatum is wearing an outfit that one of my good friends brought her.  I attribute this whole day to the new outfit.  You know how sometimes you just feel better in new clothes.  Maybe it's really a scientific fact.  Maybe we are on to something.  Hmmmm.   Luckily another good friend brought over an entire wardrobe for Tates.  People are so kind.  I haven't been able to shop really in months, so it was so exciting to have the retail therapy brought to my house.   I could go for a personal shopper!
Yesterday Primary Children's hospital called to make an appointment to see Tatum regarding her secretions. i hope that they can figure some way to help her.  I feel like right now that is her biggest challenge.  We will keep you all posted.
What a great day, the sun was shining, the house is clean, Tatum was happy all day, Lance cleaned the cars and fixed sprinklers, Halea came home a half hour earlier than I expected, we had leftovers all day, and we can sleep in tomorrow!  Life is good.


  1. She looks so beautiful in her new outfit! And I would have to agree on your theory. What a beautiful family you have Heather!

  2. Halea looks gorgeous! I forgot I had read this post and was on my iPad (which sometimes makes commenting difficult) and then didn't post. I wanted to say how stunning Helea looked in her Prom dress, and hope her night was a good memory. I also think Hilary's fascination with the flower fits her personality. And I love how pretty Tatum is with that smile on her face!