Monday, April 22, 2013

Monstrous Mucus Mayhem at the Mall!

From the title it sounds a little bit like a horror film, right?  Well it was.  The day started off really good, sort of.  Tatum slept all night, that's right all night.  That is the first time in about four years, oh wait that's me.  First time for her in several months, and really she only has a handful of times.  Luckily Hilary woke up at 2am cause we wouldn't want to get too comfortable.  I checked on Tates and she was doing well so I snuggled back to the couch.  At about 6 I woke up a little startled.  I checked on her and she was doing great.  I still had a few minutes until I needed to wake up the kids so I thought I will just lay down until 6:20 when I wake them up.  At 6:45 I sat straight up!  Lance had just gone up to get everyone going, but we started 25 minutes late!  Needless to say the morning was a little hectic.  On top of everyone starting late, Hayden didn't actually get out of bed until about 7:15 and we didn't notice.  Oops.  Yeah not the greatest Monday ever.  Once everyone was out the door, I hurried and got a few things done, got Tatum up and bathed and ready for the day.  She was pretty happy and smiley and then she went back down for a morning nap.  Halea had early out today and so she had asked if maybe we could go to the mall and look for jewelry for Prom and get screen covers for our phones.  No problem.  I decided to get dinner ready before she came home so that it wouldn't be a rush when we got home from the mall. (Tender Mercy)  It took us a little bit to get out the door, but soon we were on our way, Halea, Hilary Tatum and me.  We got to the mall and Tates was already a little gurgly, so i quickly suctioned her before we went in.  We got to the second store and I told Halea that I had better go suction her again as there was mucus coming out her nose and her mouth!  Good gracious.  There I was in the parking lot suctioning out little Tater bug.  Oddly enough I didn't really notice if people were staring at me.  Didn't really care at this point.  I loaded Hilary back on the stroller and we went in and found Halea, and finished up the few things that we needed to do.  When we got back to the car I called our doctor to see what we could do about her over abundance of secretions.  It is really becoming a real trouble for her.  We talked for a bit, luckily we didn't need to go into the office.  Our doctor is going to talk to a doctor in Salt Lake to see what we can do.    I suctioned her out again! and then we headed home.
 When we got home we started unloading the car that now looked like a crime scene!  There were machines everywhere, wipes, rags, bags, toys,  ugh.  When we got inside I changed Tates into her jammies because she had spit up mucus all over her shirt.  Got her settled back on her pillow, turned on a little show, cleaned her mouth, put her lip balm on and she got super smiley:
 She doesn't look any worse for the ware....

So Tates new nickname: couch poTater bug.  Apparently she loves to just stay home, be in her jammies, watch a little show and just chill.  Silly little girl.
 Sometimes it is scary to be her mom.  I feel like she is such a valiant spirit and I hope that I am taking care of her physically and spiritually like she needs to be.  I hope that she knows how much we love her and would do anything to help her be more comfortable.  She is so patient with me. I hope that the doctor in Salt Lake can help her have less secretions.  I think her life would be so much easier.  That is our new specific prayer:)  in case you are looking for anything to pray for, there is a suggestion.  Here comes another night, we shall see what it holds.  I am sure I will have a story tomorrow.

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