Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break!!!!!

Tatum Update:  Easter Sunday was pretty good for Tatum.  We made it to church and she had a really good day until about half way through the last hour.  I call that a success.  We finally had a random person come up and talk to us about all of Tatum's accessories (feeding tube and oxygen).  His little girls were with him.  I am sure he was trying to approach us to make us feel "not weird" because as the story came out his little girl who was about 5 said that she had tubes like that too.  Then he said "but you had a feeding tube also".  I corrected him and said "Oh she has a feeding tube, it just goes right into her tummy".  It was nice of them, because I think that they were just trying to make us feel "normal" by talking to us about it, because a lot of times people just stare and give you that sad look.  We got this a lot with Trevin.  We had people come up to us all of the time.  I think we took him out more.  He liked to go, or at least I pretended that he did.  Even back then I was always on the move.  Tatum doesn't enjoy the public as much, so we stay home more.  Tatum was pretty gurgley when we got home.  We got her settled and had a good dinner together and talked about the things that we had learned at church.  The talks in Sacrament meeting were great.  Our neighbor gave a great talk about the Resurrection.  I am sure that it was a  hard  talk to give with all that has been going on in our ward the past few years.  We have had a lot of families that have had hard things, his family included.  So he was a great person to give the talk.  I hope that everyone could  feel the great message of hope with the Resurrection like we do.  It doesn't take away the hurt, but it just makes things bearable.

Well, when I hear spring break I automatically think of spring cleaning:)  I have been very popular today.  We attacked the upstairs, cleaning walls, windows, blinds, base boards, etc.  It feels so good.  The past 7 weeks, deep cleaning has not been a priority.   Still isn't a priority, but I have had people threatening to come and clean our house so I thought I had better beat them to it so that we can remain friends.  People are so kind, but that would be mortifying to have friends come and clean your bathrooms that your kids have been "claiming" to clean for several weeks.  I just haven't really had the energy to follow up on the lies!  Today was the day.   Now we have the rest of the week to have some fun.  Tomorrow they are having a camp out and campfire in the back yard with some neighbor friends.  From worst mother to Mother of the Year.  That is how it rolls around here, big pendulum swings, one day I am in the pit, the next I am the hero.

We will miss the fun times and memories that we have been able to have in this home when we sell.  We will surely miss the neighborhood.  It has been an excruciating decision, especially with everything that has been going on.

Here are some pictures of Tatum in her Easter dress.  She is the only one who got a dress.  I guess that is appropriate, right?  She looks so pretty in yellow.  Love this girl.  I don't know how I will survive life without her.  She is such a presence in our home.  She can brighten your day in an instant.  She also reminds us of what is truly important.  I hope that her lessons will live on in our family.  She is a gem.
 All dressed up super cute for Easter.  Too bad my big head cast a shadow on her dress!
 Night time at last.  She loves getting in to her jammies, who doesn't?
 This was tonight.  She had a really good night.  She was really calm and super smiley!

 Here is Halea talking to her Sunday night.  She usually gets lots of good night kisses.

Hanging out with dad after a long Easter day.

Oh and by the way, the note about us moving was just part of our April Fools festivities (Sorry, Lance made me do it!)


  1. You're moving?!? How will I ever come and see you and give you tons of hugs! <3 Just letting you know I am following along now, and I love you so very much.

  2. Heather, it is a hard lesson but what that I am glad I finally learned. When people offer to come clean your house, for heavens' sake, let them! :) I had a teenage girl come babysit the kids when I was pregnant with Alexandra and while she was here she also cleaned the bathrooms. They needed it. They really, really, really needed it because I had been in and out of the hospital and on bed rest for months before this. It was absolutely embarrassing and freeing at the same time. And she and I began from that time forth to be very close. Plus, my bathrooms were finally clean. ha!

    Tatum looks gorgeous in her beautiful yellow dress, by the way. Good choice!


  3. Ha! Lance is hilarious. And love Tatum's Easter dress. I don't know how I missed seeing her on Easter, but that's how it goes. Thanks for letting me visit with her yesterday. I think all your kids are great. And even though Hayden gives you a hard time, he's a good home teacher and I'm thankful he shares his testimony with our family, and has helped us even though your family has more than a fair share of things going on. Thanks again for another great post!

  4. Um.... you totally got me with the moving thing. I got excited that by some miracle you would be moving to St. George:)