Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Appologies:)

I have always hated April Fools day.  I am not good at pulling the pranks off nor do I like when a prank is pulled on me.  Lance over the years has always rather enjoyed April Fools pranks.  A few years ago he changed all of the kids report cards to really bad grades.  I was about to come uncorked and the kids started frantically saying "April Fools, April Fools".  Grrrr.  One year he had Halea tell me that she put a chip on our brand new table.  When I went to look at it there was a potato "CHIP" sitting on the table.  Cute!!!  So when Lance said that we should say something about moving I reluctantly agreed.  We have always talked about putting a for sale sign in our yard, so this was the next best thing and it was a lot easier.  I had always been nervous to do it because what if people didn't care that we were moving.  That would really have backfired.   Lance just thought this would be particularly  funny so that people could see that even through all of this, we are the same.  We still have a sense of humor:)  We were happy to have a few people be sad at the thought of us moving.  No one would be sadder than us if we had to move.  We absolutely love our neighborhood and the people in it.  They will have to take me kicking and screaming to get me out of our home here.  So I apologize.  I should have put April Fools at the bottom of the blog (we did go back and add it, just a little late)

With all of that said, Tatum is doing pretty good.  She had a pretty decent day.  A few moments of secretion filled fun, but she took a few good naps and was pretty happy while she was awake.  Not too many seizures.   Yay.  I call that a successful day.

Yesterday Heidi asked me if I remembered when we used to be able to hold Tatum like a regular baby, on our hip?  I try not to remember.  It makes me a little sad.  I see posts of other little babies that are her age on  Facebook and it is startling.  I kind of get used to seeing Tatum and how she is so when I see other babies and what they are doing, it takes my breath away.  I try not to think about all of the things that she won't get to do, but it is hard not to sometimes.  Today was just one of those days.  So I bought her funny pajamas that say Don't Bug Me on them.  I call her "Tater bug" a lot (not like a "potato" bug).  So these made me smile and they were 4.94!  Thanks Walmart.  A little retail therapy can go a long way, right?

Despite having some hard moments today, I have still felt so lucky.  I had some time to reflect on all of the amazing, beautiful people that have loved and supported us through all of this.  I have had a chance in the past few days to talk to several  people that I met through the hospital, most of whom I met when their own baby had died and I was there in a supportive role to them.  Now the roles have reversed and these amazing ladies are enveloping me in the love and support that they know I desperately need.  Life is just funny.  A lot of full circle moments during this journey.  

PS:  After our big day of cleaning the upstairs yesterday I gave a big pep talk about keeping it clean.  Well it was all unraveled today, so don't be discouraged and think that things are running smoothly over here.  We are all in the same sinking ship!  I guess I wouldn't have it any other way, or would I?  Just kidding.

 Tatum cannot move any part of her body, including her head, but she can move her eyes to look at you.  She lights up whenever any of her sibs come and talk to her.
I think she likes her new bug jammies.

 Sporting her double chin:)
Loving on the yummy Tatum feet.  I can never get enough of those toes.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I went and told Dan and DIAnna that you were moving! haha! You got me !

  2. Heather, I have been reading your blog and hearing how Tatum and you are doing from the gals here at work. I just want you to know how amazing you are! Thank you for opening your home and heart and letting the world peak in on this special time. I miss seeing you... Love ya lots!! Melodie (PS when is Tatum's birthday, we were trying to remember here one night)