Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sleep the all natural drug!

Tatum update:  she had an ok day.  A little gurgly but overall happy.  She got to watch "Wreck it Ralph" twice today. I guess we can check that off her bucket list!  She also got to watch some "north and south" with dad. Poor thing. She is very tolerant of what we subject her to. She didn't sleep super good again so I was pretty tired today. I went and got my hair done and while I was under the dryer I totally dozed off!  I am like the old ladies who come in and get their hair "set". Oh boy. Things were pretty calm when I got home so after lunch we got Tates to sleep and I decided to take a nap. I got to sleep for an hour and a half!  When I got up I felt like I had the strength and energy of ten women!  I went and visited with one of our patients from the hospital.  Her son is living and adorable. He has a feeding tube and other issues so it was good to talk to them. Then I dropped Hayden off to a friends house and went and got Halea to bring her prom dress to get hemmed.  Then she found shoes and a purse.  Check and check. I am grateful for an uncomplicated daughter who can find shoes at Payless still even for Prom !  Came home and we got everyone settled for the night and finished laundry and tidying the house a bit. I even had time to sit with Tater bug a couple of times today.
It is amazing how much better life feels when I can get a little sleep. I feel like I can do what I need to with a smile. I felt like I was my normal self today. I think I was even funny and a little more tolerant. Hayden and I even got along the whole day. Sleep. Apparently necessary for life:) especially a good life.
I was really grateful for Heidi today.  She sat with Tates for a bit and made her smile...

Then she took Hilary and played with her for a few hours while I slept! She also gave her a new hairdo.  I hardly recognized her so I wanted a picture of her.  Apparently Hilary did not want the paparazzi to take her picture!  Ahh three year olds.

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