Monday, April 8, 2013

Steady as she goes

Tatum Update:  She had a really good day today.  Slept well, not too gurgly, not too much suction required. Remarkably "normal" day. She seems steady for now.  Knock on wood, right?  She is such a sweet heart.  Still tries to smile even though you know she feels like junk.  She continues to amaze.  The human spirit is strong in her.

I wanted to take a few minutes each blog and list a few things that I am thankful for.  I think it keeps us in check so we are remembering to see the Lord's hand in our lives continually, and I also think that sometimes at the end of the day when I evaluate what I am grateful for some of the things are hilarious!  So i thought I would share cause I think that you can all relate.
Today I was grateful that Tatum rested well through the night and then took a great nap so I got a lot of projects done that I had hoped to accomplish and I got to relisten to almost all of Saturday mornings session of Conference.  I love technology!
I was super grateful for Hilary's new Dora the Explorer microphone that I randomly picked up for her birthday.  It sings all of these songs and when she pushes on the button her voice can be heard singing along. It is seriously hilarious.  I could watch her all day.  Tonight she pushed the button and one of the songs started and she said "Mommy dance!"  How could I not?  She will truly be a light during the dark days that will come.  Love that little girl, a true gift from God.
I was really grateful for Heidi today.  She is 12 and is very intuitive.  I was making dinner frantically, because Tates was getting sad.  Heidi went and sat next to her in the kitchen for about 30 minutes so i could finish dinner.  She is so tender.  Grateful for a sweet daughter, and big sister.
I talked to a few of my doctors today.   I am so grateful for their knowledge and their belief in Mothers.  They are good people that love me and my family and I am so grateful to have them caring for our sweet Tatum.
The last thing that I was really grateful for today was that when I was in one of the bathrooms I noticed a glob of something on the floor.  Before really thinking it through I instinctively bent over and scooped it up with my finger.  It looked suspiciously like poop.  What made me scoop it up with out investigating first, I will never know.  Luckily it was chocolate!  Not that I tasted it, but I could smell it.  Ahhh so grateful.  Tender mercy of the day.

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  1. hahaha "grateful it was chocolate" I have a similar story that I will share just to make you laugh. This happened a few years ago. I had made fruit smoothies for dinner to go along with our sandwiches. Alexandra was still pretty small, so naturally hers spilled all over her hand and arm. She came over to show me and I jokingly said, "Mmmhmm, Lexi you taste good!" Then I took a big ole lick of her arm. Only to discover that it was fruit smoothie but diarrhea on her arm that was coming to show me. Yeah, I think I used about half a bottle of Listerene that night. Blech!