Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hilary turns 3 and Tatum gets 2 Teeth!

Tatum update:  Tatum had a pretty good night.  She was fairly calm all night and slept until about 4am.  Then she fell asleep some time between 4 and 6.  I fell asleep holding her.  I got up around 6 and we did her morning routine.  Got her settled and then Hilary woke up.  I was going out for a run with the dog and I was trying to talk Hilary out of eating a cupcake for breakfast when she said that she wanted to come running with me.  So off we went, Hilary, me and the dog.  It was a beautiful morning.  I miss going running with both girls.  My neighbor used to push Hilary and I would push Tates.  I really miss that time.  Tatum had a pretty good day.  She was pretty serious, but she had some good calm times.  We took some really cute pictures just sitting around watching conference on TV.

Cute big brother...

 You can barely see Tatum's new top teeth poking through...

Big Sis...

After the morning session of conference was over we had lunch and then we began with the birthday festivities.  When you asked Hilary how old she was she held up all five fingers and said I'm four.  Then we had to correct her and tell her she was three.  Adorable.  Here are some of the highlights of the birthday girl day:
Holding hands with Tater bug...
Showing off our new matching Dora pajamas...
Vamanos, that means let's go.... for all of you Dora lovers out there.
Blowing out her candle.
Her card says Three!
A Dora microphone.  It plays songs and you can talk into it.  She sings along with the songs.  It is adorable.

Overall a really good day just hanging out with the family.  While the guys were gone at their evening meeting my friend and her son who is Holden's age came over.  We made dinner and played a game.  It was super fun and comfortable for Tatum to just be able to be home.  Conference talks on peace, enduring to the end, doing our part.  What a great day of listening and feeling uplifted by the spirit.    


  1. I thought about you all day today. We pray for you guys every night. We hope you can feel our love!! <3

  2. You are the most coordinated runner I know. I couldn't believe someone could hold a stroller and a leash while running down a hill. Good work!

  3. Look at me making a comment! Those are really cute pics-love the matching Dora jams! Ally also had a Dora b-day when she turned 3. We watched an episode all together for her party(grandparents and all) in our new media room. I miss the days when she could count to 10 in Spanish, and the days when I had a media room... anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed conference. I thought there were some excellent talks.