Friday, April 19, 2013

Six More Weeks!

Tatum Update:  We went to the GI doctor to see how Tatum's feeding tube was doing.  The doctor said it looked great and so we could schedule her button (the flat tube) for the end of May!   End of May.  Holy cow that seems like forever.  I guess she gets to be the "iron Baby" for six more weeks.  If you have never seen a g-tube it is a thick tube that sticks out about 3 inches and you loop it and tape it a couple of inches from her tube site, so it makes a big "C" that sticks out.  It just reminded me of "Ironman" and how he has to have that big protective thing around his heart, thus we call her "ironbaby".  Anyway, needless to say I was a little disappointed.  He did do the labs to check her liver and some of her other levels so that we don't have to go back up on Monday.  Great news.  Her liver enzymes are elevated but he said nothing alarming.  Such great news.   Tatum tolerated everything very well.  She didn't get too gurgly all day today and her breathing has been really clear.  They had a hard time finding a vein to do her labs today.  That is always very sad.  She hardly cried.  That makes me even  sadder.  They had a child life specialist come in to play with her and distract her and Tatum was not amused.  She eventually mustered a few smiles, courtesy I am sure.  Hilary rather enjoyed the trip to the hospital, she got stickers and got to play in the play room with dad while we were torturing Tates.  I am glad that she had a good time:)
These were a few pictures of Tatum yesterday.  She had some good smiles.

Here we are at the playroom at Primary Childrens.  Hilry may have had a little more fun that Tater bug...
What is this cheesy smile?  This is yesterday when we went to get new shoes and to get some frozen yogurt. What a cheese ball.

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