Sunday, April 14, 2013

Smiley Tater Bug

Tatum Update:  Tatum had a great day today.  She woke up at 3am, not off to the greatest start, but she went back to sleep at around 5am.  So I was able to sleep from midnight to 3 and then from 5am to 7am, and then 7am to 9am!  I was in rare form today with all of that sleep.  So I got Tatum back to sleep around 5 and woke up to Hilary coming down the stairs at 7.  Nope I said.  Lance came and got her and brought her in bed with him and she slept until after 10!  Another little miracle, Hilary is now sleeping in her big girl wunderwear at night.  I know, lazy parents.  She was always super wet when she woke up in the morning so I did not dare try and have her sleep in regular underwear.  So for the past year she has slept in "nighttime pants" aka pull ups.  She has been waking up dry for the past few weeks so I finally talked myself and her into wearing underwear at night.  Yay.
Tatum did really well at church today.  She was super smiley and just content to be there.  It was a great day.  We had ward conference and so we just got to be taught by our stake leaders.  We have the greatest stake presidency and so it was a delightful day of learning and feasting on the spirit.   I was sitting next to one of our neighbors who is Halea's age and she asked if she could take a few pictures with her phone because Tatum was being so smiley.  Let me think, yes!  So here they are:

Pretty sure this will be better than any picture that we took yesterday at the professional studio!

When we got home today we just made dinner, relaxed and watched a movie.  Tatum did really good most of the day, she only had a few times that she was a little gurgly.  I only suctioned her a little bit today.  Yay.
Tonight after we got everyone settled for the night, Lance got on the computer to finish up our taxes.  I know, we have just been a little preoccupied and so he hadn't done the final calculations.  I was cleaning up the kitchen and he just blurted out, "we owe 3500.00 to the state!"  I just knew he was joking, so I wasn't about to give him the satisfaction of reacting.  I just said, "that's a bummer" and kind of chuckled.  As I kept working, I realized that he was truly tense.  So I started thinking, really? could this be right.  Don't we get to opt out of financial disasters during this time?  Oh boy.  After a few tense moments, after further review, he had made a typo on what we had actually paid.  I was very proud of myself for not freaking out.  We both had a good laugh.  Heart attack averted.
This morning when I went up to get dresses for the girls I was getting Tatum's and I realized that I only have one dress that fits her.  She has grown out of her other dress from Christmas.  I thought "I really need to find a nice soft cotton dress that is comfortable for her".  So when I got home from church today I was reading emails and a friend had sent me a picture of a cute little white cotton dress that she was going to buy Tatum but she wanted to make sure that she needed it and what size to get.  What in the heck?  How are people so in tune to the promptings of the spirit and how in the world can Heavenly Father have the time or the patience to care about such a simple wish of a mother?  I just don't get it.  Over and over things like this happen.  I just can't ever think that we have walked this path alone.  Our simplest prayers have been answered, like a cotton dress for Tatum!
Tonight I am super grateful for typo's.  I am grateful to be able to go to church and be surrounded by good people.  Grateful for good friends and neighbors who constantly think of us when they are out shopping and check and see if we need things because they know that it is hard for me to get out sometimes.  I am grateful for people who just drop off food.  I am forever grateful for time to hold Tatum.  Sometimes she is more comfortable not being held.  Today during sacrament meeting I was able to hold her for most of it and she did really well.  Too many blessings to express gratitude for today.

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  1. That friend who out of the blue wanted to buy a dress for Tatum just made me burst into tears. What an amazing confirmation that truly God works through us to bless others who need it. I am so, so, so thankful you take the time to write this blog. It is the highlight of my day reading about your sweet family and those who love you.